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Let me start off by stating that Sprint sucks.

There's sooooo much I should be writing about, that I've been pondering, thinking, but just can't find the time to do.

Mexico just beat USA 2-1. It was one of the most uncomfortable/strange games I've ever seen. I'm glad, I guess Mexico won. The US had their chances and there's so many jerks that could have played and didn't so I hope (but doubt) they feel like crap right now. Lee was hurt, and they could have used him, but it's not his fault. Anyway, Mexico eliminated themselves and the US eventhough it was a great game with, surprise, surprise, bad officiating. Just like the Japan game, eh. Whatta ya gonna do?

I'm American and of course I wanted them to move on, but not like that. With a controversial homerun taken away, with the tag-up play against Japan. The point is, we should have blown most of these countries out of the water, we didn't. So now your final four are Japan, Korea, Cuba, and the DR.

Go Dominica! I guess I'll be pulling for Alou.

Yeah, Sprint sucks. So does

I thought you should all know that.

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