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How you doin'?

Where do I start?  Eh.  I just have so much crap to do.  There's actually a lot of crap I want/wanted to write about but I guess I'll get to it eventually.

For the time being I'll just bitch about all the stuff I've got to do and what I've been up to, I guess...

Let's see, I've got to balance my checkbook, do my taxes, finish my ASEP books and tests, make/go to doctor's appointments, get to the DMV (before Thursday), get rid of my Korn tickets for Thursday, and a multitude of other things I'm quite sure I'm forgetting right now.  Damn you Simpsons!  The last few weeks, hell, months I guess, have been pretty quiet.  I guess that's a good thing, it could always be worse.  It's just that crap's been hitting me left and right.  In the past six months I've sprained an ankle, f'ed up my foot, (planar fasciitis) thrown my back out, and gotten sick a couple of times.  I never get sick.  I've never broken, pulled, or really hurt myself.  I guess it's not easy when you're not used to it.  Age catches up to us all right?

I haven't been myself.  I stopped drinking, it's going to be almost two months now.  It's not like I drank all time, once a week if I was lucky, but it's still not the easiest thing to do.  Especially when most of your social activities involved either bars and/or liquor.  It really sucked on St. Patrick's Day.  I've really only gone out a few times since New Year's.  Not that the "crew" is all that tight as of late anyway.  Something happened to D a while ago and he's been taking it easy, Top Flight's been busy with his kid, and S & R are busy with the new house.  Everyone else is really busy doing their own thing.  Needless to say, I've had some free time on my hands.

We didn't get enough boys to have two baseball teams so I'm not going to be coaching baseball this season, and wrestling's over.  I don't know if I'll be doing that again last year, I really wasn't feeling it.  Besides the politics at work are bullshit.  I'm still busy with my ASM program and with football, but it won't be too bad until the fall.  So what have I been up to?  Well, since I'm not really going out too often, other than going to the occasional movie and Garcia's, I've been nerding out.  Moreso than usual.  More so?  Moreso?  I think it's more so. (I was right)  I've been hitting the 360 a lot more lately and I even started a blog dedicated to gaming.  I've got a few friends I've met on the X-Box boards and on LIVE and little by little I got sucked into it.  Eh, it beats doing stuff.  I've also been hanging out at work late at least once a week.  I let the kids play basketball or football in the gym and I usually join in.  I'm sure that's got a little bit to do with my recent ailments.  I made a few more icons, feel free to steal any.

What else?  I haven't been on the H board in ages.  Not surprisingly, I don't think anyone's even noticed.  Heh, go figure I used to post on almost a daily basis.  I haven't been keeping up on my photojournal or my website.  What can I say?  I suck.  Oh and what to do about upcoming shows?  My usual M.O. is to buy said tickets and worry about attendance when the date comes around. (see:Korn above) However, when it comes to Lollapalooza and their $130+ price tag, I'm not so sure I want to go that route.  Hmm...

Anything else?  The check engine light on Mora has been acting up again and I lost my swiss army knife, work, house, and car keys at work on Friday.  Okay, enough bitching.  I guess this is why no one reads my sob stories.  Anything positive to report?  

Of course nothing comes to mind, l'll think of something...

Anyway, how you doin'?

-Coach Gil

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