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I have everything laid out in front of me but I've got absolutely no motivation.

I have tons of things to do this week, but no desire whatsoever to do them.

I haven't been on all that much, after three weeks it's still not very comfortable to sit for a long amount of time. I guess we'll see what the useless doctors have to say. My uncle,(his wife, my aunt, died of cancer years ago)my father, and I had a long conversation/argument about the field of medicine on saturday night. It was pretty amusing considering my uncle and I aren't such big fans of it. My dad has had a lot of work done on him, thankfully it's all been very successful. They also have a brother who is a physician so we get a lot of different points of view. Anyway, I guess you had to be there. Or know my uncles and father, let's just say the combination of fiery redheads with latin blood can make for some exciting conversation.

There are a lot of places for sale in the neighborhood. 2 bedroom condos for over 200k. It's so f'ing expensive but they'll all be around 250 next year. I wish I could afford one.

Anyone want to get married and buy a condo? I've got great benefits at work, c'mon you know you want to...

Eh. Anyway, Chris, one of the coaches at work, bought a condo in Andersonville last summer and now he's relocating to Vegas and is selling the place. He's probably going to get 30-40k more than he paid for it about 12 months ago. Unreal.

So yeah, I've actually torn myself away from the 360 and Oblivion in hopes of doing something productive, taxes, balance my checkbook, those damn ASEP tests, but so far I've just been reading blogs and writing down random thoughts.

I really wish she'd call.

I'm probably going to get some more ink this week but I'm not 100% sure what I want to get. I thought I knew but I've been looking at geek tattoos/video game tattoos. I think something like this would be pretty cool.  

Anything to keep my mind off the real world huh?

I think I'm going to chalk today up as a loss.  I wanted to try to get Cubs tickets for this week but I've got appointments wednesday and thursday, tomorrow would be the only day.  I'm not so sure I can still through a whole game.  At least they swept the Cards, hell yeah.  Barrett homer on saturday, Grand Salami last night on ESPN.  It doesn't get better than that.

I wish the H shows were this week.  I almost went to the Smart Bar last night, but as you all know, I'm not one to fly solo.  You all?  Who the hell am I talking to?  Hahahaha.  You know I think I'd be more motivated to write if I had an audience.  Lately journal/diary writing has seemed so useless to me.  It's like you're talking to yourself and isn't that borderline insane?

I'm just saying...

~Dr. Gil aka the real N.O.R.E.


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