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Not Enough Time...

May's going to be a good month, I just have a feeling.

E3, the free LIVE week, my LIVE Ambassador status, (in theory since I haven't heard anything since I got the survey) and a whole lot of other things going on. The new H board, a lot of good shows are coming up in town, the weather's getting nicer, and summer's just around the corner. It's inspired me to make a few changes here and on my other sites/blogs. I've also been trying to join new groups and making new friends, I guess I'm on a roll. So, I'm going to try to post something everyday, somewhere, if not here then on my other blog, but I'm going to try to keep writing/working.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion, right?

As usual, it's late so I've got get to bed, but there are still a LOT of things on my mind. Things I have to get off my chest, I make mental notes, jot down things, but I haven't organized them into anything coherent. But it's coming. I do want to touch on the rally, briefly, although organizers here didn't encourage people missing work or students cutting classes, they still had about 400,000 people downtown. That's awesome. Anyway, a part of me feels guilty because I didn't go. Even the one we had a couple months back, a part of me felt like I should be out there. I even got teased at work about it. Then again, I'm paid to do a job, and I have to be a good example for our kids to follow. Besides I didn't spend a dime today and my job really doesn't impact the economy, one way or the other.

I don't know. I am conflicted about it, and I've never been one to be "political". In the sense that I've never really participated in rallies or marches, demonstrations. I had a few bad experiences in college, disheartening experiences. It's just never been my style, even when my job depended on it. I think I made up my mind a long time ago that I was going to change systems from within, and through a ripple effect. If I could help one kid, one student, one person and if in turn that person just helped another person, then I'd be doing my part. Ripple effect, butterfly effect, call it what you will, I always like seeing tangible results. I'm impatient. I don't know, I'm rambling. Anyway, it was nice to see that many people out, still though.

I've edited and re-written this a couple of times now, I need to get some sleep.

I'm going to keep tweaking my sites so keep an eye out and let me know if something isn't to your liking, heh. Take care everyone and I'll see you soon.

Same Fenyx Time, Same Fenyx Channel.

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