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This is the Way We Roll

Damn Livejournal tried to screw me up but I'm here!  I should be sleeping seeing as tomorrow's going to be a long day, eh.  No rest for the wicked.  Anyway work was a bitch, I hate people that try to make themselves look better by making others look bad.  No one's perfect and sometimes when you try to be a nice guy, surprise, surprise, it bites you in the ass.  Whatever.  There's also quite a bit of gossip going around, I swear you can't trust anyone these days.  It's shit like this that threatened my good "vibes" for the month.  However, on the positive tip, I just found out that I am now officially an Xbox Ambassador.

 Xbox Ambassador
Xbox Ambassador
Xx Fenyx xX

God I'm a nerd.

Hey, it made me happy, and hopefully tomorrow will be a great night.  Good friends, good food, good music.  What else do you need?

Personally, I need to get to fuckin' sleep.

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