Gil (fenyx) wrote,

"I can't believe I used to fuck you."

If last night was any indication of how the new album's going to be, I can't wait. BLIB, if that's really its name, is pretty f'ing sweet. Jesus, I have get to bed, once again, I've been falling asleep all day. I'm an old man, I can't do the late night weekday partying anymore, heh. Damn sites distract me, it's sad but it usually takes me over an hour to catch up on all my email/bbs posts/sites every night. Close to two, depending on what I'm doing, which is why I end up writing at this time.

Priorities Gil, priorities.

So, last night was a blast. Hung out with Kris, Bela, and Dave. It was a good crowd, and after holding off for over three months...I had a drink. Or several. Heh. Needless to say my tolerance was a wee bit low. It was all good though, I just didn't have the balls to ask for a sprite or a coke when I was at the Horseshoe waiting for the others to arrive. I suck, heh. It's all good, I guess it is just in time for Cinco De Mayo tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Oh, the new Mission Impossible opens tomorrow too, the movie season is starting! Freakin' Tom Cruise. As much as I want to dislike the guy, I just can't. Something about his smile, I think it hypnotizes you, he's always friggin' smiling! Why's he so damn happy? Maybe there is something to this Scientology stuff after all...

He looks like he's perpetually high, heh. Then again, if I was Tom Cruise, I think I'd be happy all the damn time too. I was watching Diary of Tom and Sway on MTV earlier today, I swear it was only because I'm excited about the movie, and he was so cool to him. Then earlier in the week, I think on Food Network, they were doing a special about the caterers on the set and how he was cool to them to. What the hell! Damnit Maverick, what are you so happy about, Merlin's dead! Iceman is the Top Gun! Okay, I'm rambling now, I'm outta here but do me a favor and search me for Scientologist paraphernalia the next time you see me.

You think you know but you have no idea,


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