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Two Blocks for Two Dollars

Is it sad that I ordered food from a place two blocks away today and got it delivered? Breaking it down I'd say it'd take about five minutes there and five back, give or take a minute. At an hourly rate it works out to what, 12 bucks an hour. So I guess if you make less than that, you should get off your ass and walk it, if you make more, then your time is more valuable than the money. Right?

I can rationalize anything. Try me.

So I watched Loose Change last night and it was quite interesting.  I used to be into the conspiracy stuff, Aliens, JFK, secret societies, etc.  I guess I just slowly lost interest.  I just don't have enough time to read all the books, watch all the movies and shows, and listen to all the music that I'd like to.  Anyway, it was really good, it's basically about 9/11 and how a lot of things just don't add up.  It made me want to look up some of the things I used to be interested in, but there's seriously just not enough time.  Unfortunately you've got to sacrifice things in order to make room for others.  

I did, however, make time to see Mission Impossible III.  It was everything I expected, action packed, a good cast, great locations from all over the world, definitely catch it if you're a Lost or an Alias fan.  They showed the trailer to Superman Returns and despite it being about Supes, I still got excited.  Spacey as Luthor looks awesome and the effects looked really good.  I'm also looking forward to The Da Vinci Code, X-Men III, and of course, Clerks II.  During the trailers I was thinking to myself that's it's pretty lame how giddy I get when I see previews for the superhero flicks.  I guess it's hard to explain, but some of you will understand.  I get zapped back to my childhood, instantly I'm a kid again, looking up at my dreams come alive on the screen.  I get taken away, immersed.  I know it's kind of nuts, but I'll take my lows and my highs over just being mellow all the time.  I know it helps some people, but I'm never going on mood-altering drugs if I can help it.  Now I sound like Tom Cruise, but seriously, even if I feel like shit sometimes, I love when I feel like a kid again, or the rush I get from winning, or from watching a good movie.  It might not be changing the world, or saving lives, but musicians, writers, actors, entertainers, if they can make you forget about your problems, or just be happy for an hour or two, I think they're doing a job worth doing.

Okay, well I kind of rambled on there.  What the hell was I talking about?

Later days,

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