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Technology sucks. Fuckin' computer keeps crashing. The 360 can't download because MS has shitty servers, and everyone site online blows. At least I changed the battery in my car today, we'll see how she holds up. I might be going on a trip or two next month. Anyway, not a whole lot to write about, I'm sure I had more but the damn computer crashed.

There was one thing, something I miss.

I don't know about you but I miss eating my bag lunch in school. Sitting at the cafe with all your friends, tell me how often that happens now. Shooting the shit, drinking your juice box. Rushing so you could have an extra minute or two at recess, I know time flies, and it seems to go by faster all the time, but tell me that recess wasn't the shortest thing you ever experienced. Gone in a flash. Yeah, getting old sucks.


ps-I'm about to go outside and shoot the neighbors who won't shut up.
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