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May Tenth

Lost was good tonight. I really try not to get too wrapped into it, but when I do catch I love it. I was supposed to go out with people from work today but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Didn't have my car, Al forgot that I needed a ride, it's all good. I guess I just wasn't meant to be there tonight.

I'm tired.

I really should work over the summer but I can't stand that place anymore. I think I had a pre-cursor to a panic attack yesterday, I hadn't ate all day, it was hot and humid out and I just wanted to get home. Dealing with crap at work, the house, the car, it gets tiring after a while. I know it's not like I'm the President or anything, but it get tiring. I'll quit bitching, I know I don't have it that bad, but I want more sometimes, you know...

Zambrany just K'd Bonds, maybe we'll break that streak tonight.


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