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TWICE!  Fuckin' twice this POS has screwed me over tonight.  I wrote a little about Malcolm in the Middle and how it went out quietly tonight yet abortions like That 70's Show get a whole lot of attention.  Then about the proliferation of blogging/community sites on the net and how there's just not enough time to join/see them all.  Furthermore, people/family are starting to find me on here and while that's cool, there's some things I don't want everyone to know or read and some people that I don't want to friend although they might get upset.  Another thing I touched on was racism, in this day and age on MySpace, Xbox Live, Bulletin Boards, and what I do/what one should do. 

Screw it, fuckin' technology.  

Tomorrow's a new week, let's try to start it on the positive tip.

-Gil the dumb idiot-jerk


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