December 10th, 2003

Scud Heartbreaker

I am not getting sick!!

Ok, I am starting to feel like it's coming to get me, but see the thing is...I don't get sick. Knock on wood, but really, I never get sick. I immediately drink like half a gallon of OJ the moment I feel it coming on. Sick days are not for when you're sick, they're for going to the movies, sleeping in, spending the night, playing the newest game you're addicted to, or wasting away the day cruising.

Luckily I don't need them for when I'm sick because I don't get sick. Guess I know my body pretty well and the minute I start feeling it, I say to myself: "I'm not getting sick, I'm not getting sick.." over and over. A lot of it is in your head people. I mean they make these "Influenza epidemics" even worse by drilling into your head that you need flu shots, that the city is seeing a 5% rise from last year in cases, and that's it's a strain from Australia. Pfft! People are such hypochondriacs. (spell check don't fail me now)

I'm not getting sick.

Last night was cool, first night in a while that I actually went right to sleep, couldn't even get up this morning. It's amazing what kind of impact doing the right thing can do to your day. Conversely the wrong thing can ruin it too.

Speaking of last night, they played the Futurama with Seymour, Fry's dog...I love that episode and hate it at the same time. Don't get me wrong..I'm not some cold hearted SOB, far from it. But I'm not the type to cry, or wail, or watch these wuzzy chick flicks...I certainly wouldn't be considered a metrosexual, lol. I can watch like tragedies, real life stories, and I do get saddened, depressed even, but you couldn't tell from looking at me. Macho latino ish, right? But...when it comes to dogs for some reason...

Like the Futurama episode..god...I want to like start bawling, LOL. Saddest movie I've ever seen...Schindler's List? Shawshank Redemption? Platoon? Close, but the one that gets to me time and time again...My Dog Skip.

I think I'm seriously demented...must be the whole "I hate people thing."

Alright, guess I should get to work...more later :)

Carpe Diem
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Scud Heartbreaker

I'm not getting sick!!!!

I'm fighting it, but I think I'm getting a do I starve it or feed it?

DAMN YOU!!! I'm not getting sick, it's just warm in here, and I'm tired...right?

PS-think I'll ever use every mood thingy?
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Scud Heartbreaker

At least it's stopped raining...outside.

Acckk these shortened schedules always mess me up, but I did manage to make myself a turkey/cheese sandwich...although I wish I had something else for lunch. But I digress...I grabbed myself a Sprite Remix, and I'm good to go. Actually feel much better now too, probably didn't help I skipped breakfast...of course saying I'm not getting sick always helps.

Ok going to get back to work, much love.
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Scud Heartbreaker


I hate bittersweet moments. Why can't they just be good, nooooo there always has to be a downside, the moment passes, the story concludes, the call ends.

Eh whatta gonna do.
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Scud Heartbreaker


God I really want to run away and never say goodbye.

Ok instead of writing every little thing in here I should wait and save up for a long entry right? I'm still feeling a bit ill, but trying to hang in there...and
I'm actually literally hanging in There right now. Sooo bored, should play some Madden but Im still pissed the Packers beat me in the NFC Championship...friggin' turnovers.

Probably should sleep, since I'm not feeling 100% but I'm always worried/paranoid I'm going to miss something or...someone.

I don't know...ok ok I promise not to write until I have a lot saved up...or until I umm get bored again.
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Scud Heartbreaker


Well I think I feel better now, hopefully a long sleep will fix me up, if not...guess it's more OJ in the morning. God I haven't bought any Xmas presents yet but what did I do today...let's see. Purchased some songs on I-Tunes, bought some things from, a game from, and some clothes in There. Yeah good job leaving CC open and clear for Xmas shopping, lol. I cancelled my Audible account the other day for some reason, I wanted to use that money somewhere else...guess it was for game. I mean I had a coupon so that's acceptible. And you have to support the ol' Homestar, and umm I only bought three songs. Way to rationalize Gil...

Going to go to bed happy once again, even though I feel like shit, and I'm beat, I still have the feeling everything's going to be ok. Not to mention only seven work days left, really six...LOTR next week! Hopefully the Christmas spirit will hit me soon. Can't get Bobby Brown outta my head, tyvm you know who you are.

That's something I would like some feedback you or would you care if I used names on here? I mean not like full names even, just handles and/or first names only. I mean I don't care about mine, it's all over the place, but I can't speak for anyone else. I would like to give shout outs and or just make it clear who I'm talking about sometimes you know? So leave me a message or an email or telepathy or something.


Please :(

Guess that's about it for tonight. Hope I haven't bored you all to death just yet. But there's still time I guess. Have a good night guys and dolls.
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