December 18th, 2003

Scud Heartbreaker


Less than two days to go...sitting here drinking a Sprite Remix, pondering, wondering what went wrong.

It's hot and then it's freezing, one of the posts I work at is located by the loading dock. So when the doors open, WHOOOSHH!! the brisk 20 degree Chicago wind cuts through you.

Most of you know what I do for a living other than writing, my actual real's just a taste of some of the fine indivuals I work with.

I won't get into it, but suffice to say that I've lived in the RP my whole life. (ed. note RP=Rogers Park)

Our caf is shutdown, some of the other schools in the city have been closed due to health concerns so they're umm cleaning ours up I guess before it happens here. Not sure exactly.

Well there's plenty of junk here to eat anyway. is a co-workers bday and the cake is sooo good. Then there's a lot of Christmas food around, cake, cookies, candy, fudge...going to be diabetic before tomorrow is through...if not, then alcoholic tomorrow night.

More later, gotta run.
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Scud Heartbreaker

Lunch, or lack thereof...

Well I'm on my lunch, but I was blocked in by a fellow co-worker...almost got her towed, she's lucky she's on my good side. I got someone else ticketed earlier in the year...not that I like being a prick, but I used to have a later schedule and there was never any parking and I had to look for parking elsewhere. You didn't see me double parking anywhere...grrrr.

So no lunch for me, and no more junk food, feel like I'm going to be sick. Uggh. I have this extra time and umm...well not much to say I guess. More later, miss you mija.
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Scud Heartbreaker

I wish God was alive to see this

Homer is the best.

Well, at least I got a little Christmas shopping done tonight, I'm so proud. I'm go into stores like on a mission, in and out, took about an hour was home before nine...Best Buy and Target...the only people left are mom and dad.

At long last, Friday the 19th! Last day of work this year! Anyone reading this, remember Mullen's tomorrow, I'm going to get lit up, both to celebrate and drown my sorrows. Hope everything works out...

I'm really not the best of moods, but I really can't complain, going to have sixteen days off...really wanted to travel, but I guess that will have to wait. I had a good Karma example today, let me remember...I'll try to be vague to hide identities. Someone I know works with someone that couldn't go to doctor because this person couldn't afford the co-pay. So, this person recieved a Christmas gift from a co-worker, 50 dollars to be exact. Not an hour passed by before the person who gave the gift got a 100 dollar tip.


What goes around, comes around I always like to believe. In other news, I still can't believe what happened at the mall. The suspects lived in my neighborhood, my sister works there, could have been her. I also know one of the alleged murders, it's crazy.

I really want to be in a good mood, honest. I love being happy, hyper, energetic, but there's that piece of me, I can't. I miss her. I know, I know, it's cliche, fuck you. Anyway, I'm really not one of those happy when it rains, and I really don't enjoy drowning in my misery. I have to hold on I guess.

Ok, tomorrow will be a good day.
Tomorrow will be a good day, manana will be better, tomorrow will be great...

if I say it enough, maybe it will happen.
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