January 7th, 2004


Is anybody out there?

What up doh.

God I'm bored. No one is on, and sorry to say but these games are kinda boring when you're doing them solo. I just spent five bucks on I-Tunes, someone stop me please.

Where is my mind? Anyone know that song...it's sweeet! Bonus cool points if you do.

At least I got to talk to Jules for a while. She's stoked because she finally got a new place. Wants to me to help her move on Sunday...she's on of my best friends and all...but rememeber, football hello? Anyway, we'll see. But yeah I'm totally proud of her, she's had a lot of shit going on lately, and troubles with her roomies, so good for her. It's a lot more than some people are doing, but I guess everyone has their faults and shortcomings.

But I digress, I don't want to get too depressing or whatever, because according to a co-worker/friend of mine, people just write these to get attention, and to be all depressed. You're a hater, but I won't mention any names. *coughs* Fat pockets *coughs* I don't think my friend's LJs are all that depressing at all, besides no one reads this shit anyway...oh yeah something else everyone complains about, I forget.

It's like only 6:30 and I feel like passing out. LOL "Tell me!!!! What do I have to do!!!! To make you happy. What do I have to do!!! To make you understand!!!"

Okay I guess I'm still kinda hyper and listening to Stabbing Westward isn't exactly bringing me down. You guys all suck for having lives when you know damn well on a wednesday night when it's like 15 degrees out, I ain't doing crap.



More later if I don't die of boredom or pass out whichever.

ps-maybe you're contagious Bibby, lol.
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Pondering, Lamenting, Despondent, and Forlorn

Did I mention sleepy? Eh I'm alright, leveled up WOOT! Ok, ok, gots to get to bed, sheesh...didn't really ever pass out or die of boredom so that's cool...other than that...nothing to report. G'nite one and all...

I know, lame entry.

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