January 18th, 2004

Scud Heartbreaker



Well I guess I have football to look forward to today. At least I have that going, and umm...stuff right? Day off tomorrow, yay. Might as well be working, probably waste the day anyway. Hmm...guess this is why I don't write early in the day, don't have too much to write about. Seeing as how I've been shunned and forsaken lately, you know what, I just though of something.

Give me something to do, someone, anyone, drop some messages here, add me as a friend, whatever. Comments, questions, concerns, It'd be nice to read some new LJ's. So if you're bored, just drop me a line.

Other than that, I guess I could always try going back to sleep. Later for you!
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Yay day off tomorrow...whoopie doo. *shrugs shoulders* Games were ok, it's just been a long weekend...I almost went to Florida for the weekend, but I guess there's always spring break. I should have gone somewhere...maybe I'll get in the car and just keep driving. I don't know. I really should be writing, but I have to be in the mood, I have to have my muse you know?

Maybe you don't.

I sometimes think no one does. Is anyone else sick of the news, I mean like anyone is really going to beat Bush.


Anything I'm missing. Well no one left messages so I guess no one really reads my LJ.


Guess I'll just get to bed then...just to wake up and do it all over again.
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