March 4th, 2004


Already today I've dealt with...

*Kids without ID's
*Girls choking other girls.
*Chess players being declared ineligble due to physicals (LOL-yes physicals, like football players, baseball, etc. have to take)
*Drug dealers
*Stoned kids
*Police bringing in truants

Not even noon yet, lol....ugh
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"Yeah boo, I can't see me without you"

Almost forgot to post this...but check out the letter for March 3rd!

Sorry I'm also a bit confused right now, don't know if I should be ok or worried about something...anyway. It's all starting to come together. Annette flew in last night for the reunion, some people I'm sure came in today, and a few tomorrow. Sarah and company are on the way or already in FL...damn I wish I was with them. :( Not so much for the company, but just to be in FL, don't know how I'd be handling it though...

Where was I? Oh I just saw that we can post over the phone, well paid users can. I knew about it before but I guess I forgot about it. I need to try it, just for the hell of it. Might be faster than typing, lol.

I went into EQ for a little just to die twice and almost go back to lv23 acck!! It was acting up and real laggy so I just bounced, besides no one was on again :(. I feel like I'm bitching too much lately, I should quit it before people start hating, lol. Hmmm, what else to write, it's kind of early...but I might be getting to bed early. Not much going on, yay friday tomorrow. Big whup. Eh, at least there's always my good friend Mr. Daniels. He always cheers me up, I guess. Hmmph.

Fawk!!! I thought I had more to write, guess I'm just out of it, sorry...more later or manana.

Carpe Diem
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