March 23rd, 2004



Nine dollars and twenty-nine cents.

I had over two hundred dollars when I left the house a couple hours ago, lol. I never understood how rich people, musicians, tv/movie stars, professional athletes, etc. have gone broke, gone bankrupt. I'm starting to think that I'd probably end up doing the same thing. If I was well off, instead of buying CD's when I was bored or depressed I'd end up buying cars, jewelry, or coke or something. Anyway where do I begin...

Once upon a time..nah. Went to work this morning, everything was copacetic, just been busy I guess. Kids getting arrested, parents not getting notified, administration getting pissed, Title I funds not coming in, people going to get laid off...sounds like fun huh? Then I have to deal with fam and ish here, not to mention peeps on the 'net. We're also trying to get this little shindig together for the 3rd but it seems that someone else is also having a party on that saturday. Once again, loyalties will be tested and friendships will be strained, lol. The kicker is that the parties are on totally different sides of the city. For those not familiar with Chicago, we're pretty much three cities in one...Northside, Southside, and Westside. The parties are going to be over 100 blocks apart lol. Eh, I'll burn those bridges when they come.

So I get home and talk on the phone for a while. No one's going to be around until nine-ish so I take off. I've been meaning to pay my phone bill anyway, and I needed to pick up Local tix for Big Neri and J-Rock. I head over to Wrigleyville, I find a spot in the shadow of good ol' Wrigley Field and walk on over to the Metro. I guess Three Days Grace is playing tonight and the 'hood was crawling with people. I don't know if it was the fact that I felt old, or just not cool enough to be there but I just wanted to buy the tickets and get the hell out of dodge. I guess when I see kids going to shows that are the same age as the kids at work, it sometimes freaks me out. Or I'm just nuts. Guess it could have also been the skaterade. I mean when I step into the record store and everyone's so knowledgable about scenes and ish I guess I get a little intimidated, like High Fidelity style. I mean I know a lot about music, but it's all over the place. A lil' hip hop, some old school, some punk, some rock, some metal, etc. A jack of all styles but master of none. Anyway I got the tix and jumped back in my baby.

(Oh yeah Bigkid thanks for the Spitfire air freshner and stickers woot! Might be time for Decepticon ish to come off my ride)

I headed over to the Sprint Store and paid off my phone bill, then over to Best Buy and bought the new N.E.R.D., Usher, and Music as A Weapon II. (Yes Bibz I'm a chump) I hate Best Buy, I almost bought The Rundown too, but had to control myself, I jetted the hell outta there. Spoke to mom earlier and she wanted some Bagels so I stopped in a Dunkin' Donuts and guess was fucking closed! When the hell has a Dunkin' Donuts been closed, much less at 7PM? I get back in my ride and head to the nearest one and pick up the bagels from there and get myself a pint of Rainbow Sherbert for my trouble :).

To top off the night I get home and there's a spot in front of the crib. For those of you who know where I live, you all know what a feat that is at almost eight at night. ROCKS!!! Sifl and Olly ROCKS!!!! Sorry, but they do.

So here I am, listening to new music, contemplating life, I'm going to try to catch up on everyone else's journals/blogs/sites/BBS etc.

Take care, have a great night.

G Real
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