October 6th, 2004


Me gusta la mala vida.

Fo' sho. Alright, let's see...today. Today, umm yeah. Hoy. First off, aren't all the mosquitoes and bugs supposed to be dead by now? So then how come I have two bites on my arm? Fuck, I'm so distracted, still a little buzzed even. Well, quickly, work was work, the usual Wednesday crew hung out at Mullen's. I cut out a bit early because it was CZR's birthday and we have fam hanging out at the crib. The basement was set up and everyone was down there when I got home. I really should throw a party but could you imagine...not to toot my own horn or anything but geez. I'd have old friends, Senn friends, Rogers Park peeps, it could get out of hand pretty quickly. Goddamnit, damn Simpsons, I keep watching them. Can't help it though, it's a good one, it's the Run, Lola, Run, parody with Lisa and Linguo. Lola's a great movie by the way, the whole fate theme, the direction. But I digress, "Yeah, yeah, we all got problems" as Moe would say.

Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with me. So, how's it going? How are you doing this fine evening. It's days like these that I think I really shouldn't even be writing, rather, I should wait a day or two until I have some..oh shit I do! I picked up my day from work today and on the way back there was a wreck on Lake Shore Drive. Right on the Northbound lanes by the Chicago River, pretty much in front of the exit that I had taken only moments earlier. I've seen/been in my share of crashes, not to mention seen a few people pass on...but it kind of bothered me for a while. Not only because it was pretty bad, the driver was still in the car and another person was lying on the side of the road, not sure if she was ejected or paramedics had her there, but because it easily could have been my car. I have a tendency to get velocitized on LSD, sometimes I'm flying down it, nothing too excessive, but you never know. One wrong turn, one stupid driver and that's all she wrote. Did I mention I that I rarely use my seat belts? I know, I know, but I also have a story about seat belts, besides if it's your time to punch out, it doesn't matter if you're on a motorcycle or an Abrams tank, you're toast.

Anyway, to all, eh most of you out there, no offense, I just want to say thanks. For reading, for advice, for being there, for whatever reason, I'm glad you're here and I'm sure you've made an impact on my life in one way or another. People come and go, friends grow apart, but I think that you meet people for a reason, even if it's for a moment, or a lifetime, your paths were meant to cross and hopefully both lives are richer afterwards. I love you guys, on the real.

Okay, now that the PAX channel portion of this entry is over. I'd like to apologize for getting all emo, guess it's just been a theme lately. You never know, so you better tell people while you can, right? Now, if I could only tell my family that, heh...they know, it's unspoken. If I said that to anyone other than my mom...let's just say it'd be strange and awkward.

Alright I guess I should wrap this bitch up, what the hell bit me? Hmm...I'll try to be more coherent tomorrow. Local H coming up this weekend, LL Cool J soon as well. Halloween show end of the month, I'm still working on my costume, we'll see but if everything falls into place it should be pretty crescent fresh.

Much love,

Gil Noriega
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