October 22nd, 2004


"You pass out little slips of paper for a living."

"You pass out little slips of paper for a living." Yup that sums up my station in life, it's swell to know your role.

Lost my notes and I lost ten bucks earlier today. Fuck. See how my life is. It cant be karma, what the hell have I done lately, oh wait...right umm carry on. Donnas thingy, I could have had tix to private Donnas show, but I blew it off. Who the hell likes them anyway?
It's been a shitty day, but also a great one...

I felt high this afternoon, it was a combination of the ride home, lack of sleep, and no food in my stomach I guess. I think it was somethig else.

I could really use a massage...my neck's been mudering me all day. I'm tired and I see what I must do, the course of action to be taken...

So J-Rock, his lady, and I, went to Garcia's tonight. We had some grub but mostly Margarita's. Holy fuck I'm hammered and I'm falling asleep here. Eventhough my morning sucked, it's turned out to be a great day. Jen's a great girl, J-Rock lucked out. Umm I probably had more to do or write.

I could take one course of action and make myself happy but mass marketing it.Then if I neededaid,,,,,,,,,,shit I'm tired. I dozed off, basically I can make myself very happy but others miserable. Why risk it right? I'll clean this up tomorrow...and

And um yeah I was nodding off there. Swooooooon. Say it with me. Swooooon.

I make bad decisions. I wish I could just disappear for a few and come back ready to roll.
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