October 31st, 2004

Scud Heartbreaker

Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

I swear the whole world's against me sometimes.

More on that in a moment. The week has been, well, another typical week. Work's kinda fucked up with all the fights lately. We're heading for a race riot if they don't cut that shit out. Nothing special monday, Tuesday I dropped a bill at Best Buy picking up a few CDs including the new Mos Def and the Jimmy Eats World. I haven't had a lot of time to listen to them but I like what I've heard so far. Also picked up the new Dawn of the Dead which I just saw and I really enjoyed. It's fast, action packed, and the editing is really good. I loved the extras and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It defintely had the whole 28 Days Later vibe going. I also picked up GTA: San Andreas, which has been consuming the little free time that I do have. Sam Jackson, Chris Penn, Ice-T, MC Eiht and others provide the voices and it does not disappoint. Then again GTA's rarely do. Wednesday was the usual Wing Night, but it was a bit more subdued as only four of us showed up. Thursday? Hmmm...nothing that I can remember. Friday night...was incredible.

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We now return to our regularily scheduled programming.

Local H covered Toxic(yes, Britney's Toxic)and released on their site earlier this week. http://www.localh.com/toxic.mp3 It fucking rocks, maybe they'll play it tonight. I guess I am going to drag my ass to Wicker Park tonight, sit through the show, and be a mess at work tomorrow. I'm going to need Red Bulls and crack. I'll sleep when I'm dead right? I still have a few errands to run and I wasn't able to help D out today/tonight so I'll try to make it over there on Tuesday, AKA Judgement Day. Fuck, maybe I should take a nap, as I write this I'm dozing off, but I got some shit to do. I think some peeps are at Mul's as I speak...hmm I could use a drink. We'll see.

Alright I'm done, is that it? All this time I thought I'd have a book to write, turns out my life really is as uneventful and insignificant as I figured. See ya when I see ya, Happy Halloween bitches.

PS-quick side note my brother is watching Road Rules or whatever and it looks like some hardcore gay porn. I guess the object it to melt this block of ice. Girls v. boys. So the guys are like on top of each other "humping" the ice getting to melt. Even if they win, it seems to me they've already lost, big time.
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