November 16th, 2004


*Flips coin in air

Today could turn out to be a great day or a horrible mess. Guess which one I'm betting on.

I don't know how I'd be able to handle writing a sitcom or a series on television. Don't get me wrong, it'd be a dream come true but I wonder how the writers feel when they start losing viewers. I get upset when I lose random friends on here. Am I too emo? Is this too boring? Sorry I wasn't entertaining enough...I don't know. If losing two random friends bothers me, I'd flip out if I started losing millions of viewers per week. I cleaned up my list too, so childish, I'm only your friend if you're mine now. :P.

I can't stop thinking about my current situation...

I'm so tempted at times to damn the consequences and just go all out. If you're going to go, go big, right? Then my brain pulls rank and my heart and I end up writing in this thing...

or at the bar.

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Well, today was rather uneventful. It actually turned out okay, I guess I was worried about nothing. Well, in regards to the damn hoodies at least. I still don't have mine but it's AG. I almost signed up for an online screenwriting class that was offered in conjunction with some of the Project Greenlight people. It was going to be tonight at 8 and Thursday at 8, but it was $100. Now, that wasn't really the issue since I could blow a bill at the bar np, (like I might tomorrow) but I just don't know if I'll actually write after the classes. I need to start writing, but what will be my catalyst? When will I find my muse? Or where has she gone off to? Well, they're offering two more in December, so maybe I'll do it then. Start off the new year writing. Whatever.

I was able to be somewhat productive though. I put in my attendance for the last month and made some changes to the roster. Interested in signing up? Woot!

Exciting isn't it?

I still haven't managed to get to the post office though, and I'm going to have trouble cutting my hair tomorrow, with it being Wing Night Wednesday and all. At least thursday's a late day.

I hate getting used to things, I'm easily spoiled. If I get into a routine, or start having certain expectations, I feel disappointment when said expectations are not met. That being said, I'm disappointed.

I'm also still confused.

Alright, I'm gone. Maybe I can actually catch some Z's tonight.

-Gilly McNilly
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