January 2nd, 2005


"...yeah I'm friends with John Jameson."

What an amazing weekend, hell it's been a good week.  Started off with Roundeye at the Double Door on Monday.  The Crew at Mullen's and the Red Line on Wednesday, Local H at the Double Door Friday night, and last night I hit the Gin Mill, Buffalo Wild Wings, the Double Door, and Liar's Club.  Awesome.

That's Dewey live2cd, Melissa, Tiffany, Todd, Jon the_mighty_twit and Moi.

Last night's pics here http://pics.livejournal.com/fenyx/gallery/0000ks5g

bettydiamond and hot4scott were also in attendance for the festivities this weekend, I had an f'ing blast guys.  Let's do it again real soon.

So anyway, the quote's what Kevin from Suffrajett said to me last night after I told him that Jack Daniels and I were well acquainted. He was tending bar at Liar's and I demolished my third/fifth(?) Jack and Coke and he gave me this look like wtf? He's like you good? I'm like yeah, he replies I bet. That's when I told him Jack and I were good friends.

As much fun as I had this week, going back to work in that hell hole is going to suck. I am so depressed about it I don't even want to think about it, it's not happening, tomorrow's not coming. Where is my damn sugar mama? Tell me dammnit! Oh and the Bears, fuck, what can I say, at least the season's over. When's Cubs Spring Training start?

Hmmm...I have to shake that. Okay. So yeah, what else? I feel like I got a decent amount of things done during the break. Went to shows, hung out, relaxed, watched a lot of flicks, beat Ghost Recon, read a little, and thought about shit, a whole lot. Maybe too much. I still have to fix up basement, work on a few things here, and start fuckin' writing. As Shaun of the Dead would say, I have to sort out my life.

I'm going to chill out for the next month or so, can't make any promises beyond that, but I've got shit to work through. Tiff mentioned to a couple of us last night that she's always gone out with the "same guy". Appearance wise, that they were all pretty much the same. I have friends like that too, always going for the same "type". For some reason the same type of conversation/topic kept coming up and it got me thinking, my last X amount of psuedo-relationships have also been with the same girl. Long story short, she's always been the embodiment of trouble. She's unavailable, wild, reckless, a pain in the ass, always a looker, but always in some sort of "situation" as well. Once again I'm finding myself drawn to the SAME type of girl, a hellcat, it really boggles the mind. This time's going to be different, I'm going to quit before it even gets there. (assuming it would) I'm done...with a lot of things.

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Alright, that's enough out of me for now. Have to upload today's picture to circadian_shots anyway, friend it ya mooks! Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you all soon.

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