February 2nd, 2005


Quick shots

Finally watched King Arthur tonight, wasn't too bad, but wasn't that great either.  It did have a few good lines, I'll have to look them up later. 

I was in a great mood this morning.  I'm sure it was a combination of being slap-happy and just having a great time last time.  I went to Schuba's tsunami benefit show with Kris (hot4scott), Gracie (bettydiamond), and Jon (</span>the_mighty_twit).  Good times were had by all.


Later on, I guess I started crashing.  That was a combination of finally feeling the effects of the late night, the kids acting up, and a couple of interrupted conversations.  I hate this being short handed shit.  So, I've also been informed of another job opportunity, it's supposedly more money, but why rock the boat.  I'll just wait until it sinks on its own.  We'll see.

Then I had a quick conversation that's been bugging me, I don't know, no se...e.p.e.t.  This is what I'll have tonight...


What else, I don't know...had a great convo w/ Corrine before the show yesterday, it's funny how different things can have so many similarities. 

Turn to page 13.

Eh, what else?  Sorry I'm all over the place, it's like I want to say or write so much, but the words escape me.

Guess I'll go to bed, I'll try to be more coherent tomorrow.



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Oh yeah.

PS-I was pleasantly surprised with the responses I got to the little meme I posted a couple entries back. Nooch!
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