March 10th, 2005


I'm tired

I'm tired of...
people, work, life.
Happy Birthday BJ.

I was looking through my phone book for his cell number, I eventually found it, but then I thought to myself, why the hell do I have all these numbers in here. I probably use 5% of the numbers in there, and I get calls from even less. It's sad really, people you talked to all the time, or friends from the past, eh, guess it happens. I'm erasing them all when I get a new phone, if people want to talk to me, they'll call...right?

Anyway, I'm ALL about The Contender right now. It's friggin' awesome. I'm addicted. Boxing's awesome. Sports, sports, sports, sports, sports. Ahem, yeah. Tomorrow's Friday right?

I guess Scott was at Liar's last night, heh, Julie text msg'd me. I sometimes wonder if people think I'm stalking him or something, it's really not that serious, I should have texted Kris, hahaha. I feel creepy sometimes going to H shows so much, eh it passes.

I really like the continuity on Malcolm. Reese's cooking skills, Dewey and the piano playing, they actually get older. I don't know, it's just I know how difficult it is to write little things like that. That's what I miss about comics, the depth of the characters, how well you get to know them. Speaking of...

The trailer for Episode III was pretty freakin' sweet. I hope it doesn't let us down. C'mon! Can at least one out of three not suck, is that so much to ask? I really don't hate the others all that much, but Jar Jar blows. Anyway...the shit is really going to hit the fan at work soon. The kids have been nuts as well, I just try to get in and get out. Blinders on.

Hmm...yeah, tomorrow's Friday. This entry's pointless.

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