March 17th, 2005


America the Beautiful

I've got C-Span on at work, I'm listening to the hearing regaring steroids and Major League Baseball. A very good point was brought up, the Black Sox are/were banned for life because they cheated in the World Series, Pete Rose was banned for gambling. The use of steroids is basically the same as systematically cheating in all of your games. Not a series, not a year, but your whole career.

Last I checked it's illegal to even possess steroids without a prescription. If they got caught with weed or get DUI's they get disciplined don't they? These guys aren't only cheating but they're breaking the law as well. I don't know, but I think today is the start of a whole new era, there's going to be a witch hunt and it's going to affect players and fans alike all season long.

I wish I would have finished that piece I was working on, maybe I'll get to it this week sometime, it had to do with Canseco's book. He was pretty much my idol growing up, and I know it's just a game, everyone's human, yadda, yadda, yadda. Whatever, I guess I'm lame then. The sport means a lot to me, going to Wrigley for the first time every Spring is like coming home. It's just really sad, especially considering that quote I read the other day, I can't remember it verbatim, but basically it said that if you want to learn about America, the first thing you should do is learn about baseball.

So as I get ready to stand up for the playing of our national anthem, tell me, what does that say about America?
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St. Patrick's Day

Hmmm...I did a couple of things today I've never done before. Ate dinner alone in public, and sat in a bar alone, in public. Isn't it sad? I'm sure plenty of people have dinner alone, everyday, but in a public place it just seem so lonely. Anyway, yeah, no one wanted to hit the bar tonight, go figure. Damn anti-Irish agenda. Oh well, even Bridget, the waitress, must have felt sorry for me in that she bought me a couple of shots and drinks. At least I got buzzed cheap. Played some pool, watched the games. Oh, I'm owning everyone in the NCAA brackets, so far only one loss. I guess the saying's true, you're either lucky at love or lucky at cards, let's just say I rarely lose at poker, heh. It's late, uploading pics took forever. The streak begins.

-G Money
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