May 24th, 2005

Mex Fen

Dare I say it...

As Ice Cube would say...

Today was a good day.

Work was a breeze, well unless you count checking out the campus for stalkers, locking up a girl for stealing money out of lockers, and dealing with fights.  I'd rather deal with that than boring paperwork and attendance crap anyday, I watched most of The Contender fights on Yahoo TV, had a good lunch, and clocked out.  Watched an amazing episode of Third Watch about a fiery prom night car crash, sent out my last payment so my Credit card is fresh and clean in case I need it, and headed over to drown my sorrows with a spending spree at Best Buy.  I bought the new Audioslave, Gorillaz, Common, and Seether.  Called Stine from Best Buy because the Golden Girls will now forever remind me of her and I also picked up the first season of Scrubs.  How I love that show...and looked into getting a new radio for the jeep.  Sure the passenger side window doesn't roll down and it's making strange noises, but I do have my priorities...heh. 

I get home, have some dinner and then I watch my boys, Sergio and Alfonso take care of business on The Contender  Viva Mexico! My cubbies rallied in the eight, and even the Shield kicked arse.  Now I'm here having a perverted conversation with Bibby, (no so much) and listening to Family Guy.  All in all, not a bad day, so I guess I'll hit the hay before anything happens.

Peace out bitches...

Gila Monster

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