August 12th, 2005


Closing Time

So many people know me, but no one gets me.

Even my parents, who in theory having knowing me the longest time of anyone possible should know the most about me, don't have a clue.  Eh, whatever, *shrugs shoulders*.  People don't give me enough credit, I'll leave it at that.

Okay, where was I?  Last night, well a bunch of people were grilling yesterday.  Mostly people from work, I wasn't too interested in attending the little soiree, especially since I didn't get a personal invitation.  Not that I'm picky, but I'm always a little suspect of getting invited to things "through" people, but I guess she didn't have my number.  Anyway, I pick up a 12 pack of Corona and head over.  It was a nice crowd, just the crew for the most part, the weather was perfect, and the food and booze were top notch.  Needless to say I  was there for a while.  Six coronas, a few Long Islands, and quite a few shots of Cuervo later, we were toasty.  It was getting past midnight and half of us didn't (read: couldn't) want to go home so we stumbled down Elston looking for a place to sober up. (read: get even more retarded)  I have to admit, it had been a while since I was so inebriated.  I kept pulling the "fake running into poles and lightposts" thing.  Comedy at its best I tells ya.  We eventually find an Irish pub, but unfortunately they had already done their last call.  We walk back to camp and everybody decides to call it a night.  Everyone but D and I of course.  Someway, somehow, at the end of most nights, it usually ends up being me and Darryl.  Damn lightweights.  We head north and end up at Mullen's.  Surprise, surprise.  We get a couple of drinks, talk up a few beautiful babies, and shoot a little pool.  Actually D was doing most of the talking, I was just like "hey".  He buys them a round but they pretty much pay him no mind after that.  I don't get people, not that it was a big deal, but it seems to me that if you're not at all interested in someone, why let him buy you drinks?  I guess that's a dumb question, I don't know.  Anyway, Mullen's closes up and only then do we call it a night. 

The whole night was  I mean, I could have been at home playing Madden.  Heh.  At least I got to talk about Madden with Al for a while.  I've got problems.  Seriously though, I'm getting bored of it all I guess.  Going out, drinking, shooting the shit, coming home, and doing it all over again.  That and I guess hanging out with "work" friends.  Not that I don't consider them to be friends, it's just that it reminds me of work.  There's also the whole "dipping your pen in company ink" thing which is a no-no, but that makes it all the more fun.  Then people start talking shop, and I sooooo don't want to go back.  Hell, I drive the long way to some places just to avoid looking at that hell hole.  The strange thing is that I kind of like my job, I'm just not the working type I guess.  Some people were talking about how bored they get during the summer, my dad asked me the other day if I was looking forward to the new year.  Are you guys nuts?  If I had a million dollars, as it is so elequently put in Office Space, I wouldn't do shit.  After doing two girls at once of course.  Heh. 

Don't get me wrong it was fun, but I'm restless, I need more.  Maybe I need a live show or something, hmm.  Or a girlfriend.  Eh, there's always Madden, hahaha.  Speaking of, I think I've babbled enough..*turns on X-Box*  Crap, I just remembered, Four Brothers opens today, I'm going to try to drag my ass over there at some point today.  Umm, yeah, okay, talk to you later.