August 19th, 2005


"It's on like Donkey Kong."

It's almost 2 O'Clock.
I haven't done anything even remotely productive.

So yesterday I hit the batting cages with my brother and cousins, it fuckin' sooked. I'm in the worst shape of my life. My back started tightening after a few turns in the cage. I even warmed up, ugh. I've got to do something about it, but first I'm ordering some pizza heh. Seriously though, I'm sure it's got to do with getting older as well. If I could only go back about ten years...heh. What is new? Nothing really, I called my boy Bryan earlier, just wanted to touch base with him since tornadoes were touching down all over his neighborhood. I guess everything's copacetic, he's fine, his crib is fine. Just a lot of rain but the emergency sirens were going off all day. Speaking of, the planes for the Air and Water show keep flying by over here. CHZZZOOOOOM! The planes rock. I have to say though that the year after 9/11 it was a little scary to have them fly by so close. It's strange, it's going to be what, four years now? It seems so long ago, it's nuts.

Hmm...I'm supposed to be meeting someone about a screenplay today but I'm having second thoughts. Do I really want to put myself in this position, having to work on something that's very personal in a detached sort of way. I know that sounds retarded so how can I explain it. Let's say you're writing a "fictional" story about a tragedy in your life, with someone who was/is involved in that tragedy or at least has experience with said tragedy. It's just that sometimes it's better to leave shit in the past, IN THE PAST. It'll be a good story, granted, but I don't know. *shrugs shoudlers* I also got a call from work earlier in the week, actually someone left me a message about going in next week for "Senn Days". Basically on Tuesday and Wednesday the kids get to come in and get a head start on getting their programs and pictures taken. It's a hectic couple of days but it saves us a lot of work. I'm just not sure I want to go. Pay is always screwed up, if we get paid at all, for those days. I always get called in, none of my other idiot co-workers ever show up, and the majority of the work falls in my lap. Is it my fault that these middle-aged people don't know how to use computers? I don't get paid enough for that shit. As a matter of fact I'm probably the one making the least amount of money in my office since I technically am the newest/youngest person there. Fuck. I don't even want to think about that place, honestly. I know I shouldn't be bitching, people would kill for my hours/days/commute. M-F 645-230,(which they better not change) holidays/weekends/summer off, and a five minute commute. Still though, I want more...

"Pick me back up just to throw me back down!"

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.

How are you doing?
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