October 2nd, 2005

Fight Club

Your anguish is my sustenance...

God, there's so much to write about but where to begin? I'll try flying through it all...

Friday was Homecoming. The pep rally, the game, the dance. The day was sooooo long. I ended up...crap! I forgot to punch out, hahahaha I just now realized that. Gail's going to be pissed. Anyway, the pep rally was kind of lame in that they invited all of the Fall teams. Pfft. In my day pep rallies were held for the football team(s). That's it. Soccer, pfft. So we did the whole running down the aisle thing, introducing each player and then the coaches. I had to run down the aisle in front of the whole school, as much experience as I have in front of crowds and shit, and the fact that I know everyone in the building should make it so I'm not at all nervous in those situations, right? I wasn't like scared/butterflies/nervous but I had a moment or two of "what the hell did I get myself into". After that we got the kids ready and headed to Winnemac. I had to ride with the damn cheerleaders because the dean didn't have anyone else to go with them. Ugh. We get to the stadium and my eye starts acting up, I also forgot my sunglasses, actually I didn't but I didn't have my key, which my brother had and I think still has...fuck! Okay I got it back. I'm rambling, I couldn't get my shades, long story short. The turnout is halfway decent, at least I wasn't stuck collecting tickets this time, and I sit up in the pressbox filming the game. It wasn't much of a game. We got worked. We should have beat them, we end up getting into a fight in the fourth quarter and the game ends. Smith's kicked off the team and the kids are dejected. It wasn't fun. Oh and she was there too, looked pretty good in a jersey...but I digress.

We get back to the school and I don't even have time to go home. We have to set up for the dance and let the kids back in. I spent the rest of the night separating kids like dogs in heat. No juking! I didn't kick anyone out though, I'm not that much of an asshole eventhough I was depressed about the game. The kids could have, should have won that game. The seniors don't get another homecoming. The dance finally ends, a kid gets jumped, we clear it up, he gets a police ride home, and we get the hell out of there. I end up dropping off one of my kids and then heading to Mullen's. Not too many people there, and it's really not the crew. It was ok. I think the ladies were bitches to Billie so I left her a little more of a tip than usual. I head home after a long ass day. I wanted to be productive this weekend and of course that didn't happen. I end up joining Gametap and "Dig Dug"-ing the weekend away between televised sports and naps. Productive indeed. I think a few people went out to watch the fight last night and someone's barbecuing tonight, but I'm too damn exhausted. Dreading tomorrow as well. Oh and I'm probably going to have to skip the H in Valpo, D's halloween party is the same day. Damn double-booking BS. I never have shit to do, but when I do, it's all on the same day.

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

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