June 29th, 2006

Pissed Off

Fuck IE

I had a nice entry typed up and then friggin Internet Explorer crashed.  Why do I continue to use it?  I'm on Firefox now, old habits die hard I guess.  Just like fuckin' MySpace why do we keep using it people!  It's like the Chicago Cubs, God Bless 'em, but they suck.  Hard.  Yet they're, *ahem*, we're always sold out, they're one of the most profitable franchises in the league, and they keep bring in the cream.  Who can blame them for not putting together a better team, who cares?!  People will still watch them and buy their damn jerseys.  Just like MySpace, why make it better if twenty gazillion people are on it all the time anyway.  Ugh...anyway...

Yesterday sucked, I'm not writing it all over again but I'll sum it up.

Woke up.  Went to doctor.  Doctor needed referral.  Made several calls to get referral.  Appt was at noon.  I had to be at practice at noon.  Finally saw doctor a little before 2.  Everything was ok with doc, eye is 85% better, almost perfect.  I leave, office STILL hasn't gotten referral faxed to them.  I have a $30 ticket on my Jeep, it was less than ten minutes old.  I never make it to work.

Of course lots of other people had shittier days.  Makes you put stuff into perspective at times, I never did call back so in a month or so I'm sure I'm going to get the full bill from the Eye clinic, I just don't care to deal with that shit at the moment.  I was absolutely livid yesterday.  I hate the medical industry to begin with, I think 99% of doctors are full of shit and then the whole system sucks.  Insurance, referrals, prescriptions, the cost, the hassle.  Would any business thrive if they made appointments and never kept them?  Anyway, I'm getting pissed thinking about it, then add to that the fact that I'm surrounded by old, coughing, sickly people.  I'm an asshole, I know.  I'll shut up now.

Today's been alright so far. 

My weekend plans are still in the air, hell my plans for today are still in the air.  I guess I'll be at work for a while today...

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