June 5th, 2008


Writer's Block: Cereal: By the People, For the People

If you made up your own cereal, what would it consist of, and what would you call it?

Wow. Now this is a question. Hmm...it's tough, but fair. First of all it would have to include marshmallows. Red marshmallows, maybe a few other colors. Oh snap, how about Chicag-Os! The cereal would be all Os like Cheerios but the marshmallows would be like the Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls, Hawks, and Fire logos. Of course we'd have to load it up with vitamins and all that good stuff. I'd eventually have to come out with a peanut butter and a chocolate version. Mmm...cereal.
Ghost Dog

Baby I've got your money

I really need to get a job. Friggin' gasoline alone is killing me. I can't keep putting everything on my credit cards forever. Eh. Also, retail is for suckers. You'd think I would've learned that, actually I've known that for years, but you gotta do what you gotta do. People just suck though, case in point, we just watched a video tape of a guy on the news hitting a man in the middle of street and just taking off. People were walking and driving by as he lay on the ground. I love people. Really...

Anyway, I'm stressing out a little bit about the wedding, it'll pass though, it's just a rough patch I suspect. So, yeah...

Good night,