June 25th, 2008

Lego Indy

Day Two: Electric Boogaloo (or F*$k Wisconsin)

That joke's getting old. I'll probably clean this one up as well.

Let's see, we left the Landmark nice and early, and headed out of town towards the U.P. On our way there we were searching for a place to have some breakfast. Both Melissa and I were "hongry". We drove for a while, searching for a Denny's, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, anything that looked like we could get a hearty meal. While cruising through Brussels Mel saw a diner. We busted a U-Turn and headed back. It looked like the type of place where "out of towners" would get crazy looks but she didn't care. I was hesitant but we stopped in, the places was a strange half and half hybrid, bar and diner at the same time. The walls were lined with Prom and Junior Prom pictures from the 1940's and 50's. We suspected that our waitress and her family were in more than a few of those pictures. Anyway, the place boldly proclaimed that they offered a "hash brown sandwich". I thought I'd give it a shot...was I ever glad. It was huge, I couldn't finish it, even though every bite was just...mouthwatering.

After our scrumptilescent breakfast we hit the road. We made a few stops along the way, we saw a few lighthouses, some beautiful beaches, but after six or seven hours of the same thing, you start going a bit crazy. I swear the Upper Peninsula is like the never-ending forest. Can you hear the song? (sung to the theme from The Never-Ending Story) Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh, never ending forest...whoa-oh-oh-oh...

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just before heading into Michigan I got busted by a cop going 89 in a 65. Friggin' county police. It was like a ghost car. All I saw were the lights in my rear-view, I was so pissed. He was nice enough about it but I just couldn't believe it, there was no one else around and I didn't see where he came from. Granted I was going pretty fast, I think I had lost track of how fast I was going, but still...

Melissa told me not to worry about it. I figured it was alright, I'd probably be out a hundred dollars or so. I got busted on Lake Shore Drive a few years ago and it was just over a hundred. I paid a bit more to go to traffic school online and get it taken off my record. What are you going to do right? I'll pay it when I get home, the trip goes on.

So the officer walks back and gives me the ticket...

$261 and change! What. The. F#$k!

I don't even want to get into it, supposedly I lucked out because if I was going 90 some other type of charge kicks in and it's a different type of crime. Fuck. I'm getting aggravated all over again. At some point Melissa said "there's goes the Playstation". That really hurt. Heh.

So anyway, we continue through the God forsaken state of Wisconsin full of friggin' cheeseheads. Isn't there anything else but dairy products in Wisconsin? Everywhere you go, it's either cheese or ice cream or cheese curds or cows. And what's up with your roads? A, B, T, XX, ZZ, can't you guys count or read? While I'm ranting why can't we think of better names for our streets and roads? I've seen several Lake Shore Drives, Washingtons, Howards, and so many others. I get the historical significance and the geographical significance to most of them, but would it kill to have a Chen Drive, a Venekamp Lane, or a Noriega road once in a while. Maybe Walter street or something? Geez...okay I'm rambling now.

Just before we got to our hotel we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and it is impressive. I enjoyed every moment we were on it. The views were just spectacular. So now we're here in Mackinaw City, we've had dinner and bought some fudge. Mel's knocked out and I'm about to join her. How much of a nerd am I that I feel like I have to update my LJ, even if it's only for me? Eh...

Good night.

Day Three

Im writing this on phone since the friggin' days inn here doesnt seem to have their internet up. anyway ill elaborate later...
Notes - poppycock, house of doggs, traverse city,
what else? sleeping bear dunes nat'l lakeshore, wineries, chateau chantal, blackstar, brie estates,
this might be all over the place since im on my phone..ill fix it later...