September 22nd, 2008

Scud Heartbreaker

Today's Horoscope

You might find that good energy is a bit hard to come by, today -- everyone seems to be grumpy or holding a grudge that they just won't let go of. Your first urge might be to try and cheer them up, but you should resist it. Not only will trying to affect the moods of other people be a total waste of your time, it's really none of your business. Just focus on keeping yourself bright and cheerful. And the best way to ensure that is to keep your distance from the people who are in bad moods.


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Scud Heartbreaker


...are not my fun days.

Sunday is quickly becoming my least favorite day of the week. I don't know why I even bother recording the games, spend the day avoiding information about said games, and then racing home to watch the games. Last Sunday sucked and this one was just as bad. Work sucked, as usual, and on the way home I somehow managed to lose a credit card. During the day Melissa called me at home to tell me that our downstairs neighbors came up to tell us that their bathroom ceiling was leaking. So there's a leak somewhere in the bathroom, it's always something. I just started working full time and I was hoping to start digging myself out of debt and now we'll probably spend hundreds of dollars on this shit. Fuck, I miss my PC, I hate typing on this Mac, I think I've mentioned it before, but it seems to heat up, I don't know...

At least the Cubs clinched on Saturday, we'll see how that goes. I still can't believe the game last night, fucking Bucs, that was bullshit. They started the fight and we get the penalty. Oh and Davis letting that pass go right through his hands, wonderful. Now I'm hearing that there are already Cubs World Series tickets on sale, 40K for 8, it's a steal!

I hate that I'm on here bitching yet again, but there's just not a whole lot else going on. I need to make some changes, I don't know...I need help.

Maybe I'll do a meme or something to lighten the mood later, at least I'm off tomorrow, fuck...working on the weekends is for the birds, not to mention driving 30 miles to do so.

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