July 17th, 2009


Origins - Leave me a message!

I obviously know this about most of you, but humor me.

LJ has a new feature where you can write "notes" about friends. I guess the idea is to write where you know each other from or how you met or whatever. It might only be for paid accounts right now so don't go crazy if you didn't see anything about it. Anyway, long story short I thought it would be interesting to see if our stories match. For example I can't remember if I met some of you through LJ or MySpace. I know I met a bunch of you through TSO or Local H, but some others I just can't remember. Anyway, if you've got a minute leave me a message. (I guess this could also be a good post to get an idea of which accounts are dead or I don't keep in touch with anymore)

Have a good weekend,

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