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Let's review

Things I need or want to do:
  • Get to the Metro - No chance
  • Finish my ASEP crap - Hahahahaha
  • See what I'm doing for dinner No date, had a couple of slices of 'za from Villa Palermo
  • Read Bad Twin About ten pages, heh.
  • Finish up Oblivion No dice
  • Make Bryan that CD for his wedding Done!  Actually hung out for a little bit, he looks thin.  Time just flies by...
  • RSVP to the wedding(s) Maybe tomorrow
  • Balance my checkbook Umm...I printed my statements off the internet
  • Pay Bills Nothing Due, that I know of.
  • Play some Uno No, but I did play some pool, Astropop, and Zuma
  • Organize playbook
  • Flesh out new idea for screenplay *shakes head*
  • Organize my desk Define organize...
  • Sort my life out HAHAHAHAHAHA!

It wasn't my fault.  Seriously, I forgot about the game and I ended up watching that most of the afternoon.  Barrett should've punched Hill, he's brutal.  Then I had to make a few calls, I did do a couple of things, so it wasn't a total waste.  I can't believe Bryan's getting married, he just closed on a house in Oregon, unreal.  Well, he always was the successful one.  What happened to the rest of us?  Heh, actually what happened to me?  

Alright, let me get back to SNL before I start thinking too much.




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