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There's just way too many distractions on the internet.  All I wanted to do is jump on try to make a small update.  But noooooooo.  You've got that damn MySpace calling you, then of course one has to check his email.  Then the H board and all of its nonesense, the xbox board, and a few quick visits to the MSN spaces.  Before you know it you're looking up fucking Family Matters to see if you can answer a random trivia answer and you've got about six windows/tags open.  All while sore and exhausted from a night of drinking and dancing. (yeah I know, me, dancing, long story) So here I am, on the computer, when I should be showering and getting ready to watch X3 or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.  Time is just flying by, at least it is a three day weekend, so come tuesday I can say I wasted three days instead of two.  Yay.  Alright, time to flip the playlist so I can get off my ass and get some things accomplished. Who wants to bet I don't? Hahahah. ~Dancin' Homer

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