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Summer's going to suck.  Heh, totally the opposite of what I've been thinking but this damn humidity is killing me.  It's so damn sticky, it sucks.  All I want to do is lay in bed and listen to music, but that's pretty much what I did yesterday.  Watched X-Men:The Final Stand, which rocked by the way, came home and just laid in bed listening to my tunes.  I love music, it is all that keeps me going sometimes.  Seriously.  

X3 was good in that it followed some storylines but also stayed true to the characters, I wont' ruin anything but it's worth seeing.  If you do, make sure you stay until after the credits.

Goddamn, I haven't even opened the blinds, I can see that bastard sun trying to get in.  Soon the keyboard will start sticking to my fingers, heh.  Why don't I just turn on the A/C?  Well, it's only May, that and the fact that it is buried under a pile of junk.  How about a fan, well, my brother and I are playing a little game of chicken, we'll see who's more uncomfortable and will give in.  Sick games we play...

I also feel like I should shave my head, get all this hair off me, that'll cool me down right?  Heh, like Pedro in Napoleon, it feels like it's burning.  So, have I missed anything?  Probably, eh, umm...yeah.  Fuck!  I want to lie down but I've got to keep busy!  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Too much downtime, me no want to think, me want brain to shut off for a while.  Wouldn't it be great if we could do that?  

What the fuck, how hot is it?  84 degrees huh.  Just wait until it's 100.  I'm melting....mmmellllltinngggg.

Wow.  Well, I guess I'll quit whining, but what the hell can I do to keep my mind from wandering???

Calgon take me away...

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