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Who knew?

Possible Paths Possible Paths
I wrote/drew this in one of my journals back in 1998

I'm just working on one of my many projects, pfft.  Anyway, waaaaay before I was so internet savy, I kept a journal.  Like a real life journal, I used it with pens and everything!  I still have one but I haven't written in it for years since LJ is so much more convenient.  Anyway, I'm working on transferring everything I have written unto my LJ, I probably should be doing the opposite, making a hard copy of my LJ because God knows what'll happen if Livejournal, Six Apart or whoever, ever goes out of business or is hit with an EMP or something.  But I digress, I just thought this was kind of funny, there's nothing on there about education or coaching, it's fucked up how life works sometimes.

It's kind of hard to put this in writing so I just scanned and threw up on here.

Hope everyone's BBQ'n or at least taking it easy today.


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