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...and stop. Continue.

They say the sense of smell evokes the strongest memories or that scent is the strongest sense linked to memory.  Well, today at work a couple of the girls had that "hairspray/perfume/latina smell" about them.  I should've asked what it is, but that'd be kinda odd.  "So, what are you wearing?".  Yeah, creepy.  Anyway, I don't know but I did think back to school, or old girlfriends, I guess I'm on a memory trip.  (I watched Vanilla Sky a few days back, maybe that jump started it)  Although admittedly that's like one of my "things" isn't it?  Always dwelling in the past, well not always, but a lot.  Which is not like me, I'm about the moment, or at least I try to be.  I don't worry too much about the future or the most of you probably know by now.  I guess I'll quit beating a dead horse...


I'm also in a strange, semi-embarassed, kind of mood.  Here's the question, what do you put in your entries, in your blogs?  I don't think anyone puts everything in here, I mean no one is "filter-less".  Sorry I'm not very articulate tonight, maybe it's the heat, I got a bit light-headed at work today and that's never happened to me.  But I digress, I guess my issue is that eventhough I know this is out there in the universe, in public, there are still things that I'd rather not be read.  At least by certain people.  You know, family, certain friends, people you work with.  Then again, who am I kidding, if I didn't want the person to eventually come across my ramblings, then why write them in the first place?  I was once told that "everything written is meant to be read".  I guess that's true, otherwise what's the point of even writing it down?  I don't know, I guess I'm wondering what you guys do, how you use your filters, if you do at all.  Or if anything you write is even remotely the truth, heh.  For the most part I think I'm honest and I usually throw everything out here.  If it's going to hurt or embarass someone then I lock it, but that's rare.  Most times I think I'm pretty good at making things just vague enough.

Fuck it, like I told someone earlier, I'm an open book.  Read it, digest it, let it simmer.  I'm not going to start censoring myself at this point, besides even if I tried there's almost three years worth of stuff that I'd have to go back and read, fuck that.  Besides I've always been better at writing the things I want to say as opposed to saying them. (not that you could tell from this abortion of a post) So, as I of right now, I guess it'll be business as usual, it's not like the tales of my trials and tribulations are all that juicy anyway.

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