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I hope this works.  Furthermore I hope some hacker isn't stealing my shit as I write this.  Barry, whoever you are, thanks I'm on your network right now.  Something told me to bring my lappy to the hospital.  I'm glad I did.  Is it because I'm addicted?  Maybe.  But it is also because this is keeping me sane, making me comfortable.  I've got all these wires connected to my head, to my legs, my chest and somehow they expect me to sleep as I usually do.  Okay, we'll see about that.  This should help, seeing as it is usually the last thing I do every night.  I was going to have to resort to a phone post but that didn't seem right.  My celly is cutting out, my notebook is about to die, but I'm here.  I did catch up with everyone's LJ but I didn't comment, "no time for love Dr. Jones!".  I'm going to risk losing the signal or running outta juice so I'm going to update and get the hell outta dodge.  I've noticed I'm not the only one going through some shit.  So hang in there everyone.  It'll all work out, it always does, doesn't it?

I was so stressed about this whole thing, on my way here I considered driving by the place and skipping the whole thing.  Then Lisa called, she totally chilled me out.  Gracias.

I have to say, I've been lucky as of late in that department.  I've being hearing, seeing, exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right moments.

I gotta run, but I wanted to check in.

No, I'm not addicted.


EDIT: I knew I wanted to write about something, I was watching the Spelling Bee championship on ABC and some of those words are insane, some are awesome though, like the one about the world actual v. ideal, anyway good stuff.  But why'd they have to follow it with the foster home kids.  I see enough of that at work, it depressed the hell outta me, I had to come back in here and see if I could get on.  A'ight, it's bedtime for bonzo.

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