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I talk too much.  Probably write too much.  I mean, I don't talk to everyone about everything, but I do open myself up.  I think I might sound whiny at times or like I"m complaining.  I'm sure its in my head still though.  

You do it to bond, to develop that trust.  I mean if you tell people about yourself, then they'll feel like they can tell you in turn, right? You do it for advice.  Maybe someone in their infinite wisdom can tell you what to do.  What they've been through, maybe their mistakes can spare you from making some of your own.  

Don't mind me.  I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Heh.  I guess where this is coming from is people at work.  They're always some gossip going around.  I swear the adults are worse than the kids.  This and that, these people did this, Im sick of it.  I'm glad the year's almost over.  It's just always something.

Fuck.  I swear I had something more coherent to write about.  I guess I'm just bummin' right now.  Damn Mullen's,, heh.  It's just going to get worse, hahaha.  Melba Toast and Bayonette at the Mutiny tomorrow, H at the Metro Friday, D's on Saturday.  I'm glad my kidneys and liver are well rested, heh.

I love entries like this, I keep writing but I dont' say a damn thing.

I'm an ass.


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