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Power Through It (it's a long one)

I'm having a shitty ass day.  You know one of those days where you wanna just break stuff?  Gimmie somethin' to break!!!

Anyway...I guess it's not that bad, but work kind of blew, I had to stay late.  DS Lite, the only thing that could have possibly cheered me up, was sold out at Best Buy.  Then I get home to see the Cubs get their asses handed to them, I decide to turn that off and my damn 360 won't connect to anyone online.  All I wanted to do is play some fuckin' UNO!!!  Damn connection times out.  I haven't checked again after trying for like half an hour, I don't want to get absurdly pissed off.  The H Board BS about the supposedly exclusive CD is also annoying me.  Hi, we're going to say that a CD is only going to be available at a particular show.  So, a lot of the hardcore fans made their way to show or figured out a way to get the CD.  All of which was unecessary since the CD was availble at the next show.  And online.  Yay.  Oh and then closed our glorious 200+ page thread.  It was world famous and now it's gone.  For stupid reasons and because a lot of mods have to excercise what little power they have, since you know they don't have any in the real world.  Ugh.  Enough I'm getting aggro.  

I really have been trying to catch everyone up, I did have a pretty eventful and, for the most part, good weekend.  I'm just all over the place.  Speaking of the Limited CD, because I'm so absent minded lately and all over the place, I think I accidentally sent someone my open copy of the CD.  I must have mixed it up with the ones I had yet to send.  I don't know, I suck.  I'll be better Friday morning when it is all over.  Just a taste of what's going on in my head on a daily basis...

Weddings?  I still haven't RSVP'd, shit I still need dates too, wait did I lock the swipe machine?  Did the download go through?  I've got to call *insert random parent/coach/person/administrator*  Am I working graduation?  Fake ass people talking their shit, fuck it, there's only a few more days left.  Wait, what are we doing Friday?  So and so doesn't want to go to Mullens.  Whirlyball?  Goddamn Internet isn't working.  Man, I haven't written Bryan in so long.  I'm an asshole.  Crap, I've gotta call Jeannie one of these days.  Did I pay my VISA this month?  God I'm sleepy.  I wonder what my doctor's going to say?  What should we do for lunch?  She hasn't called me all day.  Fuckin' Cubs.  This kid's such a bastard.  When's the next H show?  Joey Jo Jo said what about Tony Twoface?  Fuck her.  Fuck him.  Fuck them.  Where's my check?  Gossip.  Gotta finish those damn ASEP tests.  How are we getting the kids to summer camp?  Am I doing the right thing?  I haven't seen her all day.  What's a nubian?

Okay so that last one is bullshit.  Actually, looking back, a lot of these are bullshit.  But it's shit that can't be helped.  People are assholes all over.  If they can make their lives/jobs easier by fucking someone else over, believe me, they'll do it.  I won't even get into my girl-troubles.  Not that there's really troubles, but that's something else always bouncing around in there.  So yeah, it's nice to relax and watch a game or movie, or play some video games, or just shoot the shit to quiet the voices...I mean kill some time....err waste some time, that's what I meant.


They'll slowly start rectifying themselves, one by one, baby steps.

Speaking of, I guess I should finally write about the weekend...

Friday (6.9) was the H show.  Brent was already in town and Todd and Mike were arriving in the morning.  I didn't manage to pick them up and Brent headed to the museum to catch the King Tut exhibit.  I didn't make it in to work, originally I had planned on picking up Todd and heading over to Zion, but Fritz's didn't open until one (or so we thought) so we had time to kill.  I bum around the house for a while, wait for everyone to check in.  Eventually Brent picks up Todd and Mike and we head out to Zion about one-ish.  Traffic is a breeze and we don't get too lost on the way there.  Finally we get there and they're getting giddy like schoolchildren.  I'd been there a few times or else I'd probably be acting just as gay.  We pull into the lot and jump out.  Immediately the cameras/camera phones come out.  Of course one of the signs says they open at nine, great.  Heh.  We venture in and take a look around, a few of the regulars are there and give us a look.  The bartender pretty much calls us out on our shit.  "You're here to see the place where Local H played."  We have a few beers, take a few pics and I give them the grand tour.  All the while feeling lamer by the minute, heh.  We gather ourselves up and head out, but not before asking about the famous Zion water tower.  The bartender says we can see it from the corner.  Mind you, on the way in we were looking for it like madmen, we only saw one for Beach Point or something like that.  We leave and start cruising Zion and the surrounding areas for the damn water tower.  After a lot of driving and a pit stop at a local gas station, we come to the conclusion that the one we saw was the Zion tower, painted over.  Upon closer inspection you can see the red stripe underneath it.  

We were crushed.

Oh and at the aforementioned gas station, the most ganster looking guy ever walks into his Escalade or similar SUV and blasts the radio, what's playing you ask....Ice, Ice, Baby.  I kid you not.  Anyway, I grab my atlas and we make our way back to the Chi, it's about four right now so we figure we'll be back in plenty of time.  On the ride back Bill Cartwright drove past us, at least I thought that was him, it was a really cool little sports car, like an old school Spider, anyway I thought it was cool.  We're making good time and then traffic hits us.  We're fucked.  My cousins haven't made it to my house, we're running late and I still have CDs to buy.  It didn't look good.  At some point a hole opened up and I took it, I made some calls and everyone made it to my house about 5:45.  A quick drive down Clark Street and minutes later, I'm parking by Wrigley, mere steps from the Metro.  

I see a lot of familiar faces almost immediately, but of course there's no time for love Dr. Jones, I rush in, say what's up to Mike and get a box of CDs which I promptly turn over to my cousin whom I force to run down Clark to the Jeep so we can stash the CDs.

We make it in just in time, Scott comes out and plays a great acoustic set.  I'm drinking, seeing everyone and having a hell of a time.  You gotta love the H shows and the fam, just like a real family you've got your assholes and morons, but it's all good...

Five Horse Johnson comes out and they're pretty decent, honestly I didn't get to see them for the most part since I was busy catching up with everyone and keeping an eye on my brother and cousins.  H finally hits the stage and it's business as usual.  They blaze through an amazing set, it was pretty cool to see the "Metro virgins" get into a proper H show with fan interaction and sing-alongs.  Not that these things don't happen in other towns, but there's nothing like a hometown crowd.  At one point Scott had Todd's hat on and at another Todd was crowdsurfing, heh.  Good times.  

The show ends, encores are played and the crowd empties into the street.  Of course everyone has different plans, and I've got my couzo with me so I decide to head back north.  A few of us end up at Mullen's, my home away from home, and we have a few more drinks and some food before calling it a night.

All in all, Friday kicked ass...

Chuck Norris style.

The next morning (6.10) I had to get up early and get ready for the barbecue/picnic at the beach.  I tried getting some of the CDs out but the post office was insane.  Turns out finding where everyone made camp was insane as well.  One of the kids guided me in and I drove up to unload my truck.  I had about 100 hamburger buns and 100 hot dog buns with me.  Not to mention catsup and mustard, plates, cups, I had a lot of shit.  We still needed ice and a table so a couple of the guys jumped in and we proceeded to procure the needed items.  After a while we get back and something tells me to find a parking spot, which I proceed to do.  Now, Senn is a only a few blocks away but lakefront property is still lakefront property.  You know you're going to get a certain demographic living on the lake, it seems this particular demographic didn't take too kindly to three black men and a hispanic having a bbq with a bunch of black kids.  Maybe I'm coming off as racist, or maybe it's the fact that we got ticketed for having coach's truck on the grass, after the police got seven calls.  Hell we saw one guy walking his lame ass poodles pull out his cell phone as soon as he passed us.  Whatever, way to support your local high school assholes.  We had our Senn flag and shirts on, whatta ya gonna do?  Coach moved his truck and we continued our little BBQ.  It was a crappy day, kind of cool, especially near the lake and our turn out wasn't as big as we had hoped.  At least we tried.  We also ate a lot of good grub.  We close up shop and head out, at this point I'm already running late for D's party.  I drop off a coach and a couple of kids, race home, shower and head to the Southside.  

I get to the party and I'm not feeling it.  I'm sure part of it was that I was ridin' solo, but it was also a strange crowd.  I was also pretty stressed and ancy, which is par for the course these days.  I didn't plan on drinking since I'd been drinking every night since Wednesday but I also wanted something to take the edge off.  So, I had a few beers and my boys started showing up.  Eventually things picked up and we had a hell of a time.  There was an arguement or two, I had words with someone and there was too much tequila for others, but we're all friends, it all worked out.  Especially with my best friend, Mr. Jack Daniels.  It was a good night.  Most of us end up leaving a little before four AM, we head back north and call it a night, errr...morning.

Sunday (6.11) is spent recovering.  With the exception of a nice late afternoon breakfast at Baker's Square, I spend most of the day chillin' and watching Beat Street.  Best.  Movie.  Evah!

Guess that's about it, damn that's long.  (that's what she said)  Took me over an hour to write, but at least I feel caught up now.

Questions, comments, suggestions? 

Drop 'em in the box.

~Gila Monster

PS-check out circadian_shots for your viewing pleasure.  Yeah I know, I'm a slacker, but I've got pics from the weekend up, okay!
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