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I'm exhausted.

I swear that I worked harder today than if I'd gone to work.  At least I finished two of the three ASEP tests I had to complete.  I'll get to the First Aid one tomorrow.  I also made it to Walgreen's and the Tattoo Factory, I think I'm setting something up for Friday morning, we'll see how that works out.  I think Caesar's going to get something too, along with D's son.  

Anyway I guess I've got some 'splaining to do.  The voiceposts from Thursday and Friday.  

Thursday was a long day and night, it was a really good night.  Good company, great dinner, a little dancing, and a nice drive home.  Actually I drove around just a bit because I know how my luck goes, I was on such a high I just wanted to "dwell" in that feeling for a while.  Just a lil' bit.  Of course I knew Friday would ruin it all.  Work wasn't too bad, all the kids had to do was come in and pick up their report cards.  That went fairly well and then we were off!  I had just gone out exit 12 when I called in to exclaim "Freedom!" or something like that.  Little did I know that moments later I'd be ambushed by a few people...

Are you going to the store?
You going shopping?
Who's going?
You're going.

I guess I was tired, cranky, a little hungover and I was pissed that I couldn't walk ten steps in bliss before being bombarded.  I was wearing red, and I am Latino so my temper flared and I went off.  A couple of people had it coming, but I also snapped on someone that didn't deserve it.  The worst part is that after everything was said and done, I still ended up going to Dominick's, heh.  In case you were wondering what I'm talking about, we had a cookout at work in celebration of it being the last day and all.  It went alright.  We all kissed and made up, like Al says, even brothers fight.  The afternoon turned into evening and we ended up at, surprise, surprise, Mullen's.  It ended up being a rather long night, lots of conversation and some interesting moments.  Of course you all know what happened when I got home.  That's life in the RP dawg.  Heh.  

I woke up Saturday morning, still okay, but not as up as earlier in the week.  The weekend ended up being kind of a letdown, and with downtime comes thinking.  Not good.  I came to the conclusion that I probably should take some time off the virtual world.  Of course I've said it and done it before, and other than LJ, the H bbs, and MySpace I'm not on all that often, still though...

Here's the thing, and I found it kind of sad.  Anytime I've got a high or a low, or something of any significance happens, I run here and write about it.  How sad is that?  I mean Saturday I picked up the phone and realized I didn't have anyone to call.  *shakes head*  Not that you guys aren't real or my friends.  Some of you know me better than people I see everyday, but what happens when you want to shoot the shit with someone, or catch a movie, or grab some coffee? (not that I drink coffee or anything) I know some of us hang out, but others only do for H shows, or at work.  I don't know, as much as the Internet helps, I think it's also fuckin' us up in that we're missing connections.

I don't know, maybe I was just really bored and I wasted the weekend.  It wasn't the first one, and it won't be the last, but I guess I'm freakin' out about wasting the summer.  Football's going to be taking enough of my time and today that damn coaching test took most of my day.  I'm probably just scared that fall will be here before I know it.  I want to go on a road trip or two, maybe go to Mexico, watch some movies, go to some shows, live a little.

On second thought, it's pretty hot out...



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