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Violently Happy

Goddamnit.  Why do I always stall?  I've been on the comp since nine-ish.  Of course I surf the net, tweak my journal and MySpace, and just screw around doing random shit.  Now it's friggin' 11.  Where'd I leave off?

Thursday (6.22)

I didn't do much after that post.  J-Rock and Jen called, so I met them at Moody's.  Had some sangria, had a few laughs, talked about the wedding, it was all good.  I still need a date for the 8th.  I think the first is taken care of, but we'll see.  I'm too picky, and it's not even that big of a deal.

Friday (6.23)

I woke up bright and early, got my finances together, and headed to the Tattoo Factory with my brother.  D's son met us there later and we all proceeded on getting inked.  They were virgins so I let them go first.  Caesar ended up getting a sparrow (I have no idea why) and Amir got a Lion with his name underneath it.  Both came up really good, but that's business as usual as far as Mike's concerned.  I decided on a koi fish...
6.24.06 My Koi fish swimming upstream.

...since I was considering getting perserverance and/or believe tattooed, I figured I'd go with something that pretty much means the same thing.  There are a couple of stories behind Koi fish and their meanings, basically one that is going upstream is thought to stand for perseverance.  There's also a story about how it can become a dragon.  Besides someone thought getting the words would be cliche, but I digress.  The picture is a little dark but the flash kept getting messed up by the A&D ointment, I'll take a better one when it's more healed.  After getting tattooed we all headed over to Foster Beach where D was having a picnic for his kids.  It was okay, nothing to write home about, I didn't eat much and of course there was no drinking.  I pretty much went home and knocked out, it was a long day.

Saturday (6.24)

I woke up tired and groggy, I was exhausted, eventhough I had plenty of sleep, but I was also restless.  I also found out I missed Suffrajett earlier in the week, I totally snoozed on the date, fuckin' idiot I am.  There's too much going on in my head.  I don't know, anyway, I thought I was going to be heading to a housewarming but I lucked out and dodged that bullet.  Turns out the housewarming is next week.  I'll supposedly be at a wedding on the first, we'll see.  I ended up hanging out at Mullen's with Lisa, playing some pool, throwing some darts.  Later on we caught Nacho Libre (which was pretty good and amusing, I don't know why people were knocking it) at the show and headed home, it was an early night, but it had gone so well why risk screwing it up.  (Just like friggin' Mexico did earlier in the day, damn Mexicants, as in they CAN'T ever get into the round of eight in the World Cup)

Sunday (6.25)

BBQ'd a bit in the yard, watched True Romance, which BTW is a great flick, for some reason I can see my love life ending up something like that.  Hit Baker's Square later on, and nothing else too exciting.  Well nothing I can write about here, I don't know what I'm thinking sometimes...

Now here I am typing away...oh and finally, wasn't I bitching about having no real life friends the other day?  NEWS FLASH!  

Yeah well, whatta ya gonna do?  I know what I'm gonna do, get to fuckin' bed and start over tomorrow.  Tomorrow might be a loooong day.

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