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Even with a bad hand...

Today started out like one of those days.  Things and people kept waking me up, what's the point of having time off if I'm still up at the crack of dawn every day?  My brother's keys got misplaced, then Ranger jumped on me and scratched the hell out of me waking me up once again and contorting my back into a pretzel.  Again I try to catch some Z's and then the phone keeps ringing, so I gave up.  Got my shit ready for work and took a shower.  My brother decided to take my mom out to breakfast and it was decided I should tag along.  Once again I'm at the now infamous Baker's Square.  Purveyor of fine foods and mysterious coffee, heh.  I have some breakfast (in the morning as opposed to having it in the middle of the evening ;), heh.) and do a little grocery shopping and then off to work I go.

I get to Senn and it's an adventure just trying to get in, half the building's locked down due to construction and most of the accessible doors were locked.  I finally get in and gather the troops.  The AD is there and before I'm allowed access to the weight room she has to make sure I'm ASEP certified.  Pfft, whatever, so I bluff her, yeah I sent my paperwork in weeks ago.  For those of you keeping track I sent the crap in last wednesday, anyway she jumps online and moments later she comes back...

Congratulations!!!  You passed everything!  I'm so proud of you!

Okay maybe it's me and my amazing inability to take a compliment, or the fact that I think you'd have to be an idiot not to be able to pass those tests, but I was just like "umm..thanks?"  People underestimate me I swear.  Give me a book, a deadline, and a test and I can pass it.  I used to be a goddamn genius...

But I digress, I let the kids lift for about an hour, they tell me their football camp stories, and we get out of dodge.  Of course stupid me tries to take a shortcut and I end up locked in the construction area.  Seriously, locked in.  The door slammed behind me and the fences were all locked up, I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of having to jump a fence for the first time in years.  Luckily I knew Zo was working and I called him to see if he could let me back in the building, he was, and he did.

I know I bitch a lot, but things usually work out for me in some way or another.  People and things always find their way back to me, it's strange.  I mean I'm at the point that when I think that I've lost something, it pisses me off for a few moments but then I just forget about.  It'll get back to me, and it usually does.  If only the big things would start falling into place...

Well that's about it for today...

Stay up,


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