Gil (fenyx) wrote,

"doot-dee, doot-dee, doot-dee...diddlee-diddleeee!!!"

God I'm bored.

I guess that's what happens when you get into a certain mode, you're doing a million things, going out, playing game, having a few drinks, then everything just


So yeah, I've been kinda bored as of late.  The ADD kicks in, it's all good.  It's good to slow down sometimes, your body and checkbook can recover.  Heh.  I know a big reason is that I'm so used to seeing literally hundreds of people a day at work, and being all cooped up gives me cabin fever.  Let's see what'd I do this weekend?  Umm...Friday I think I just hung out at Mullen's, right?  I do believe it was an early night, but I did get out, oh I remember now.  Early Friday kind of sucked, I needed to get out.  

Saturday seemed like it was going to be a lazy Saturday, (not like that fake Saturday that almost got me fired!) I skipped the wedding and I got out of the housewarming, but Lees called late and we went out, we had umm... 3 plans or so.  A) Rumba, which got nixed due to my less than "business casual" attire.  B) Caesar's, which was way too crowded.  On a Saturday night, go figure.  And C) Las Mananita's, which just seemed like a bad idea at the time, I'll stop in and say hey one day and find out what day's good.  Besides I haven't been there in years so I should probably stop in by myself first, I don't know.  Anyway, we wanted to try new places so we hit Holiday Club, which although it isn't new, we'd never been there.  It was a nice place, wasn't too crowded at first and I found a decent parking spot.  The jukebox was alright and they had a photobooth. (but it was out of order to our dismay)  After a while it started getting full and it was getting close to last call so we decided to head north.  We ended up at the Deuce BKA The Mark II.  We ended up closing that place out.  After a lot of conversation, a discussion with a drunken stranger and a sighting of Lisa's "uncle" we left the deuce to find...daylight.

It had been a long time since I did that, stayed up the whole night.  On a whim I raced to the lake and watched the sun rise for what felt like the first time in years.  I gotta tell ya, the park/beach is a strange place at 5am.  Joggers, Hari-Krishnas, bums, a virtual cornucopia of the human race.  Speaking of, isn't the human condition just...insane.  I mean as complex and unique as we all supposedly are, a lot of people are simple.  Easy to figure out.  X actions happened to you as a child so Y actions will happen to you as an adult.  It's a given.  Eh, we're all damaged somehow.  Okay where was I?  After some chillin' at the beach and deciding not to steal a lifeguard's boat we headed home.  I got in about 6:30, passed out for a few hours and spent the rest of the afternoon napping, listening to music, on the 'net, and playing some old school X-Box.

That so far has been the plan for today as well.  Just wasting another day away, sippin' on some Grey Goose, watching the minutes pass...

I should watch a movie.  Or write one, whatever.

"Sort your fucking life out, mate!"

Yeah I know...

~Gil of the Dead
Tags: ru, summer

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