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I must've been a real sonuvabitch in a previous life.


Anyway, I had a strange dream, first part of it I was on one of those shows that helps people who have been in trouble or through disasters.  Like when they come over and fix or makeover your whole house and you hear about their stories.  At one point I was an idiot and I asked the lady how she was doing.  Apparently her son had just died and I go "how you doin'?"  How do you think? 

Anyway, it gets sketchy after that, but sometime later I bought a motorcycle and I raced all over town.  I've always wanted one but as some people call them, "murdercycles" aren't the safest.  I'd probably never wear my brain bucket anyway.  Jay Williams, Ben Rothlesberger, etc.  They're not the safest things to ride.  Eh, I never wear my seat belt either.  Whatever.

But it felt good.  Flying around town.  I guess it had something to do with freedom.  The fourth?  Maybe I was just high.

So, back to the grind today, going out to the westside.

It's going to be a long day.

~coach gil

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