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Geez, the good news just keeps on coming...I don't bitch about it here, but I know as tough as it seems, you just gotta realize everything happens for a reason. Life goes on. It just sucks how fragile humans can be you know, and I just don't get how we can put people on the moon, make computers the size of a quarters, but can't cure cancer. I don't get it. (Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I'm fine)

In other news, I spent my last weekday of vacation watching the idiot box and on the phone sproadically. Eh, I just can't get into college football, the whole ranking system blows, but that's a topic for another time I guess. Maybe I'll just lay low for a few days, and then go back to work. :(

Friggin TV, there's this show on Discovery channel, I guess, it's called Double Agents. Anyway, the premise is they take someone and have them go house hunting, with real estate agents and ish. Some of the places were pretty cool, but the prices! Anyway, it got me to thinking, I don't think I'm ever going to be in that position, I mean even 300k seem astronomical to me, I'm never going to have that kind of money. Joy. Ok sorry to bring everyone down.

At least the weather has been real nice lately...if only I had somewhere to go...or someone to go with. *snaps out of it. Eh, can't do it.


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