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Set Me As a Seal

Where to begin?  I guess it hasn't been that long but it feels like it.  Hell, the movie last night seemed like an eternity.  Crap, I just realized I have to get ready for work soon, I'm not sure I'm going to have time to touch on everything so I'll start with the wedding on Saturday.

I eventually get in touch with Angela and we make plans to go together along with her friend Travis, I think that was his name, shit.  He's also a friend of J's from Boston.  I pick them up and we head over to Evanston.  Thank God they tagged along because I'm pretty sure I would be freaking out had I gone alone.  My stomach was twisted in knots (incidentally, it's been like that all weekend, I'm not sure if I'm getting sick, I'm hungover, it's a side effect from my meds, or I'm stressed out.  Most likely it's all of the above) and I was nervous about being in a room full of strangers.  Luckily I ran into a lot of familiar faces, of course I was being paranoid for no reason as usual.  The ceremony was somewhat non-traditional, just to put in perspective the officiant, Rev. Jason A. Crocker, was wearing jeans.  It was laid back and there was just an overwhelming feeling of happiness all around.  It was nice to see a lot of old friends and I actually made a few new ones.  I hadn't met a lot of their friends from back east and they were all great guys.  It's like they say, good people usually have good friends and assholes tend to stick with assholes.  Jeremy's best man, Bryon, was another great guy.  I guess it helps that everyone's drunk and it's a happy occasion, but we all got along fabulously.  Fabulously?  Wow I'm lame.  Anyway the reception was upstairs and everything was Chicago themed.  Our tables were all marked with a Chicago landmark, for example they sat me, and the rest of the rowdy people, at the Aon Center.  Each place setting had a small story to go along with the landmark along with a picture taken by Jenn.  Her Aon Center story is that she was photographing it months after 9/11 and that she got detained and questioned about it.  They also had small rub-on tattoos for everyone, it was a knife piercing two hearts together with the script reading Jeremy and Jenn.  Oh and I'd never seen so many tattoos at a wedding, if the guys weren't all covered up it would be a whole lot more, heh.  The menu was even Chicago themed.  Chicago style hot dogs, Italian beefs, and pizza was served.  The only thing lacking was that the bar was either beer or wine, but we remedied that soon enough.  A couple of the fellas from the "rowdy" table took a walk and soon returned with my best friend, Mr. Jack Daniels.

The Best Man's speech was really good.  Bryon basically talked about how shitty things were for Jeremy when he first moved to Chicago.  I remember those days well, heh, we'd sit around and play X-Box.  He said that everytime they spoke he tried convincing him to come back to Boston, but no dice.  Finally he got the call that Jeremy had "met someone" and things finally turned around.  He thanked him for not listening to him and added that until he met Jenn Chicago was just a place where he lived and that it took her to make it "home".

It was a hell of a speech.

Oh the cake/cupcakes were also Chicago themed, the top of the cake was a replica of the top of the John Hancock building, flashing tower lights and all.  It was pretty sweet.  I should've taken more pictures, I'm not sure why I didn't.  I just hate being that guy, taking pics all night.  Besides they had a professional taking pics I'm sure they've got everything covered.  The boys went outside and had a cigar, and I hadn't smoked one in ages and it tasted soooooo good.  I used to smoke them semi-regularily, at least a lot more than I did cigarettes.  That took me back, actually a lot of crap that night did.

I started regretting not going to Bryan's wedding the weekend before.  I mean, I guess I wished I had RSVP'd and cleared things up a lot sooner.  I'm sure I've fucked up that friendship for good now, but in all honesty it's been fucked up for a while now.  It would have also been a very different vibe at that wedding.  Not as laid back and I know I would've been getting the third degree from a lot of people.  It also got me thinking about marriage.  It didn't last long, but still, I always thought I'd be married and have a rugrat or two by now.  Not that I can remotely even afford a family, but I'm thirty and things aren't working out the way I thought they would.  They never do, do they?  Life just keeps rolling on doesn't it?  Rory's got a kid at home and doesn't go out anymore, Jeremy's married, Bryan's married, Omar's engaged, Sylvia's engaged, my sister's pregnant, time stops for no one.  It's just flying by and I feel like I'm on the sidelines a lot of the time.  Like I'm struggling against time, I'm refusing to go along with it, but there's no fighting it.  Life goes on motherfucker.

We continued the night across the street at the Celtic Knot.  God did we ever.  The whiskey was flowing and everyone was having a great time.  Even Dave's hard luck story about his wife cheating on him became mildly amusing by the end of the night.  Especially since he'd end it by telling everyone how he found the guy and beat the shit out of him.  He did what I'm sure so many people want to but never do.  I don't regret the things I've done, only those I did not do.

All in all it was a great, long, night.  I wish Jeremy and Jenn the best of everything and a lifetime of happiness and joy.

I rounded up my passengers and headed back to the RP but I still had a couple of more stops before I got to bed...

I've got to get ready for work, I'll continue later, but let me leave you with a picture of the happy couple.

Much Love,

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