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Sucker MCs could never swing with these.


I haven't gotten around to posting and now it seems like it's been way too long.  I've been reading old journals and as it turns out, they can be quite helpful when you're misquoted, heh.  Anyway, at the very least it helps when your memory is less than stellar due to circumstances beyond your control.  Yeah.  So, where'd I leave off?  The wedding on Saturday I believe...I pick up Lisa and we head to the Mark II and, for the second Saturday in a row, we close the place out.  T had left his phone in my car but I didn't realize it until we left the Deuce, it was too late, umm..early to go back to Angela's.  For some reason we decide to have breakfast, I don't remember being particularily hungry, but we headed to the Clark Devon Diner.  Our waitress was pretty brutal, but what do you expect at five-thirty in the morning?  She also seemed to be about 14.  I didn't even finish what I ordered but the biscuits and gravy were pretty damn good.  We finished up and headed home.  

Sunday (7/9) we hit Bar Louie's (where I raped another Internet jukebox and downloaded a shitload of H) and then the movies, Evanston style, watched A Scanner Darkly.  The movie was very trippy and had a great twist at the end.  At times it was difficult to follow, but that could've also just been me and my lack of sleep combined with that damn suit that kept changing, but I did enjoy it.  It was perfectly cast and it hit home a couple of times.  I don't know if it's that I can find the spots or that they're really relevant, but a few movies have "spoken" to me as of late.  

Monday (7/10) was a Mullen's day.  Nothing too exciting, had a few drinks, had a few laughs.

Tuesday (7/11) hung out at the Morseland and then looked at Condos across the street at the Remax, grrr....

Wednesday (7/12) was a loooonnnng night.  First of all it was a long day at work, then I got a call from Lisa to see if I wanted to hang out with some of her friends from work.  I raced across town, showered, and headed downtown.  Cafe Iberico, I think, was the name of the place, it was packed and the service sucked.  Are there any good waitresses left in this town?  I know it was packed and all, but really...anyway, it's a Tapas Bar, which I'm not entirely familiar with.  I had these fried things, that were good.  Heh, of course the sangria was great.  After being there for a while we walk down the street to Lalo's.  Cynthia's "sister" was teaching a dance class there, and let me tell you, if you ever want to have a good laugh go down there Wednesday nights and take a look at these uncoordinated people try to salsa.  Good times.  Especially with a Margarita...or three.  Oh and damnit, although I forgot her name, the woman teaching the class, hellllllllllllllooooo nurse!  Tall for a Latina too, turns out she wasn't her real sister, and of course she was half boriqua.  Some people have gaydar, I have PR-dar.  Heh.  Eventually we leave there and head back north.

But not before hitting the Morseland once again.

Oh did I mention it was Latin night at the Morseland.

*scene cut*

Somehow I made it to work the next day.  Basically that was the last straw, five days waking up hungover was quite enough...

for now.

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