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No time for love Dr. Jones.

So my brother's playing the demo for Saint's Row and although I thought it was going to be a GTA ripoff, it looks pretty damn good. I guess Everyone's been Simmin', eventhough I bought a month of gametime, I've played like twice. I don't know, I guess you just can't go back, y'know? Of course when I was on there alone, I got bored real quick, then when others were there it was still, eh? It reminded me of a lot of things as well, some that I'd rather forget, others that just convinced me that leaving the Creek was the right thing to do. Of course it only led to There and Evercrack addictions...

Fuck, I've been so damn busy, no time to write, no time to play, nothing. You'd think that having the time off from work would leave me with plenty of free time but somehow it's never enough. Last night was another Morseland night, it's funny and just a bit sad, that my Wild Wing Wensdays at Mullen's have slowly been aced out by Latin Dancing night at the Morseland. *shrugs shoulders*

Oh not to mention that it's been over 100 the last three days, today's finally tolerable and that's only because it's been storming. That's another reason I've been MIA. As soon as I pop the desktop on, whether it be to travel to Calvin's Creek or to update my LJ, the damn thing overheats and crashes.

Damn I'm sleepy. Wow, I'm falling asleep here...

Speaking of storming, it's funny how people still do their thang in the rain, I know I do. Earlier today I was in the park and I always wonder what the hell people are doing there? Not the people running or working out, but like the random crackheads hanging out at the chess tables. Or the baglady sleeping under a tree. I don't know, I guess I always equate parks with kids and there are definitely people in the park early in the morning that should be nowhere near kids.

Ugh, still have to pick up shit from Walgreens, hit the bank, run some errands. It never ends, so much to do, so little time...

So umm...if I missed anything big or something, hit me up.

Other than that, have a great day and a better tomorrow...

~Silky G

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